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This is what I'm about, and other importancies.

Hey everyone! I'm Myjestic_Moon. Yes, I know Myjestic is spelled wrong, but that was the only way to be something like that on this site, as Majestic was taken already. But, I'm usually known around the internet as La Lune Mauve (Moon for short).

"So what does La Lune Mauve even mean?" Well, I'm glad you asked ^.~ Seeing as my favorite language is french, La Lune Mauve literaly "The Purple Moon" in french. Yes, I'm a nerd when it comes to the french language. I know it easily. xD I can speak English, French, and basic Spanish. I want to learn Italian though! I just love the way they speak English with their accents. "But why does your name mean the purple moon?" Well, it's simple see, I'm obsessed with the purple moon. Yeah, I know there's no such thing as a purple moon, but have you not seen those pictures of it? It's so beautiful! "Why purple moon?" Purple is my favorite color, and the moon is beautiful. Also, the color purple stands for majestic/mysterious. While the moon is a mysterious place. <3

What I want to do with my life is travel. I'm isolated in this little town 30 minutes away from the nearest friend I have (my best friend) and 45 minutes away from my school. I'm 16 and don't even have my permit. If I didn't have to take that drug and alcohal test online first, I swear, I'd have my permit by my 15th birthday and my drivers licence for my 16th. But no, because my state sucks and thinks we're all not going to do drugs by taking a boring ass test that has big words in it and bright colors on the background... what the heck? But yeah, how I plan on getting the money to travel is by being a film director. I'd make all those epic books into movies <3 I'd move to france and travel around europe for the rest of my life. No idea why, but I just LOVE europe.

I LOVE CATS! i hate dogs >.> I own 3 cats, but 7 live in my house. And as I counted today we have 6 dogs and 3 puppies (which we're trying to sell.) Just so you know, my religion is Agnostic. If you don't know what Agnostic is, it's basicly a kinder, truer Atheist. We question the world. While atheists say "No, there's no facts, it can't be true." Agnostic people basicly go, "Well, yes, there's no facts but there could just be facts we haven't found yet." xD so basicly we're in the middle. I used to be Christian. But I have this thing about religion that I don't like overly religius people. I'll state where I stand and that's it. But my grandmother came to live with us for a week after she fell and had a concusion. She's a hard core christian man. She would say things and in my mind I'd go "I don't believe that." And that is when I questioned my religion. And that's it. I'm not going to go further into detail about that.

I'm in band at school. I've been in band since the 6th grade. I'm a percussionist. To be specific, pit. To be even more, marimba! ^-^ yeah, I love my marimba. Why pit? because I suck at marching. And then you add that with an instrument? Hell no. That's a traffic jam right there. ^-^ I'm also in Musical Theatre. I was a techy for the last show we put on. I've had to spend so many hours after school to rehearse with the kids that are on the stage. V.V It's pretty boring actually. The only club I'm involved in at school is astrology. I love the stars. Oh, and I'm in 10th grade now. So, a bunch of after school activities going on.

I love to role play. My average word count is about 350-450. I can post as much as 800 words. I remember one post on a site I did like 784 words. I believe that is my maximum at the moment. ^-^ I do best with strong characters. I've tried doing weak ones and the only thing that's gotten me is the want for posting a death thread for her >.> Right now I'm suffering from a lack of muse. So at the moment, my word count is somewhere around 100 - 200 words a post >.< I cry when have to make those posts and can't think of anything else. It annoys the crap out of me when I tell the person how sorry I am about the small post and they tell me "it's alright, quality over quantity." YES! I CAN TYPE AS MUCH AS 800 WORDS WITH QUALITY! and that is why I cry making 100 word posts.

I've been through a lot during my small bit of a life time. Online, you usually talk to my alter ego, Moon, the happy go lucky person that's always wanting to help you out with something. But if you were to meet the person behind the screen you'll see a complete difference. I suffer from sleep depression so I sleep pretty much all the time. I'm anorexic because there's nothing good to eat in my house (and I've got a pregnant belly -.- trying to lose it so I usually don't even eat anymore). I've been in an emotionaly abusive relationship. I've almost attempted suicide before. And I've gotten pregnant by my last boyfriend, but it was a miscarriage. Yeah... not that fun... Keep your own life, I bet it's a lot better than mine. Promise

But the one good thing about my life, the one that's helping me through this all is my boyfriend <3 I have the most amazing boyfriend in the whole wide world who loves me for who I am. We've been together since Febuary 23rd, 2012. I love him so much <3 though, it can get a bit annoying when he spams my cbox on facebook with mushy love crap... Yeah, I'm not one for PDA... and he knows that. I think he just does it to make me mad. He says I'm adorable when I'm mad. ^-^

Yeah, I'm a pretty open person. Practically the only two things you will never know about me is my picture and my real name, unless you get close enough to know me that well. I'm also very laid back. Ask me as many questions as you want and I'll be happy to answer them (unless I'm extremely tired). I can act extremely random. I have a very small attention span and I have ADHD that I don't take medicine for. So, yeah, randomness ftw!

Anyways... God O.O I've talked about soooo much O.O Can you see how bad my adhd is? I can't stay on one topic for long. And ya see how open I am? And how much I like to talk... about myself...

Wanna read a book I'm writing? Come take a sneak peek.
Six Great Heroes
I know that there are many spelling mistakes. Look past those. I've been suffereing though writers block for the past year, and it sucks ~ yes I believe in writers block, because I have it ~ I'm open to all critisizem as long as it has a purpose behind it. Don't just go and say "This sucks a**" Okay, because 1, that's not nice, 2, it's not helpful to anyone, 3, It may just not be your type of writing, and somebody else's (like the person who wrote it.) Leave a comment there, my profile, or PM me, I don't care. Just read it!

Oh! Here's an RP that I've made in Barton Town, Howl at the Moon.
I'm always accepting new characters, so come take a look.
Or take a look at my Fairy Guild! Fairy Tales.

Here is a real awesome picture that S p u n x t e r made for me. My very first one that was ever drawn about my avi. I shall treasure it for ever...
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Made by S p u n x t e r heart heart heart

If you wanna know more... ask me something in my comments

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Alkinus Report | 07/29/2011 8:14 am
Aww, it's all right. 3nodding I understand.
Alkinus Report | 07/28/2011 8:25 am
Hey! heart I was hoping that maybe you'd like to join my Fiore Academy guild, even though I know you don't like RPing Pokemon. It's just that I'm so used to having you around and RPing with me and others.
Ocean-Ryde Report | 04/23/2011 11:52 am
love the new avi, so kooooolll xd
Ocean-Ryde Report | 04/09/2011 10:25 am
YEAH!!!! pirate emo dramallama cheese_whine pirate rofl 4laugh ninja mrgreen twisted rolleyes razz lol cool eek surprised sad wink whee xp redface smile biggrin 3nodding xd
Ocean-Ryde Report | 04/08/2011 2:23 pm
heart it !!!!!!!! 3nodding
Ocean-Ryde Report | 04/06/2011 4:35 pm
no i starrted on it a couple of days ago..... rofl rofl cool cool cool lol lol lol biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin
Esper-Lihn Report | 03/05/2011 6:00 pm
-is jealous- I have a first generation ds, the ppor thing is so busted up xD
Esper-Lihn Report | 03/05/2011 5:57 pm
I took it on my mac xD I wish my ds was that cool :'(
kikideathmuffin Report | 02/24/2011 3:06 pm
Thank you for your purchase biggrin
Rei of Sunshine Report | 02/24/2011 3:01 pm
Rei of Sunshine
Thanks for buying!

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