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i luv to draw! and if ur a good enough friend, maybe i mite draw ur avii for free ^_^. my fav colors are blue, black, and green. i am 17 yr's old. i am a capricorn! woot!
here's one of my drawings...PM me if you would like a drawin
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here is me :] .. yay

(200 cool

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thanks fer making this marclyn!
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k1ll3rspike Report | 11/20/2011 1:14 pm
two and a half weeks late but thanks ^_^ i like my stuff too ^_^
how've you been? i was visiting ur brother the other day we were suppose to meet up with a couple girls at a pool hall but my friend canceled (lol can't spell that word thats horrible) but me and sonna went anyway ^_^ it was pretty fun razz i won most of the time somehow razz i wanna go next weekend too smile become a regular or something razz
how was your weekend?
k1ll3rspike Report | 01/08/2011 3:48 am
cool avi
k1ll3rspike Report | 11/30/2009 8:52 am
oh haha i thought u where richard for a second and i was like WTF?!? but yeah its ok haha i kinda knew u where drinking somehow.. u don't act like that sober but don't worry about it, seriously i was in disbelief anyway xd (i thought u where just messin with me to see how i'd react haha xd ) you've seen me at my very worst with lynnette ya know? but anyway i won't mention that agian haha but yeah i've been good just moved up to anchorage a couple weeks ago tryin to get a job i showed up today, like the boss asked me to last time i was there, at 6:30am (he had a smirk on his face so i think he may have been impressed ^_^) but yeah he told me to go back wed. but i told him i have a dental appointment wed. (after walking toward my car and running back xd ) so he said go back and bug him thursday "its fine either time just come back in the morning" so i'm thinking i should show up at 6am if not 5-15 mins till so that i show some really determined insentive ^_^ but krazy huh? but i'm getting payed so much for this great oppertunity i'm gunna bust my a** for it ^_^ so how bout you how've you been? and hows the family? smile
k1ll3rspike Report | 11/27/2009 11:44 pm
k1ll3rspike Report | 06/04/2009 7:29 am
haha everythings good just been stressin about my charger cable to my laptop sad its broken now it doesn't work no matter how much i wiggle it around anymore sad and i'm bumbed too kuz i can't play my game on this computer! sad haha oh well at least i got gaia xd can't play any games on here either just post and stuff but anyway besides that me and my gf got the house to ourselves its so quiet without my baby bro and mom here haha alright well talk to you later.
sad gotta wait a week for them to ship my new charger! sad and gotta spend the little money i've earned working for the few places i got to work for (i was a "security guard" at a seinor citizens dance xd they dance better than i can xd haha for ten dollars an hour)
k1ll3rspike Report | 05/31/2009 7:07 pm
i might just quit gaia razz thanks for showin me this thing tho i've had lots of fun with it smile want some gg? xd haha
k1ll3rspike Report | 04/13/2009 5:34 pm
if you got time could you draw my avi? i'll give you 15,000 gg for the drawing.. i want it just the way it is now xept i would like the shadow of dought behind me to be shady and not so odviously there xd haha if thats not too much sweatdrop ^_^ k well hey if 15k isn't much then 30k should be plenty right? ^_^
k1ll3rspikes Report | 03/09/2009 11:17 pm
whats up?
D 0 R 1 T 0 S Report | 03/09/2009 8:10 pm
D 0 R 1 T 0 S
u still do art?
k1ll3rspike Report | 03/01/2009 4:11 am
hey glady how've you been?


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