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nines or kai, either work
23 ✦ they/them
Lurking around CB often or playing Genshin Impact/Tower of Fantasy

I'm a ceramic and fiber artist as well, sometimes I paint too
Here's some of my work:

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IG: @26pomegranates


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eggyhead Report | 11/16/2023 9:40 am
THANK YOUUU!! your avis are always so cute too! you're one of my avi inspirations >w<
i hope you've been doing well with your new job ^o^
ok coomer Report | 11/08/2023 10:28 pm
ok coomer
Nah fr it’s awful cry helps me save money by not buying stuff i guess!
ok coomer Report | 11/08/2023 3:34 pm
ok coomer
No mercari in uk cry
I was just gonna get 3 acrylic stands but with shipping it would’ve been £100 emotion_0A0
ok coomer Report | 11/08/2023 12:22 pm
ok coomer
wooo thank you! cat_cool
ok coomer Report | 11/08/2023 12:00 pm
ok coomer
congrats on ur offer being accepted exclaim
ok coomer Report | 11/03/2023 4:39 pm
ok coomer
Maybe I’ll try n throw some silly little Christmas ones together exclaim
ok coomer Report | 11/03/2023 4:03 pm
ok coomer
ur avatars always look so cool
ok coomer Report | 11/01/2023 6:02 pm
ok coomer
changing to plat deffo helped fr
ok coomer Report | 11/01/2023 5:59 pm
ok coomer
i just try n keep it around abp i rly dont like raising prices cat_lol
ok coomer Report | 11/01/2023 5:57 pm
ok coomer
thanks for buyin cat_smile cat_4laugh



I try to sell things as low as possible but let me know if something is way above the abp and we can work something out
Also accepting items from my wishlist (of similar value) to trade, don&#039;t be shy, im usually pretty open to anything


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