About me. ❥

Hello. :3
This is muah.
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Don't expect much from me, I'll only disappoint you.

I'm me. There's no changing who I am.
It's a take it or leave it kind of thing.

Few things about me.
I'm a very complicated person, I make everything difficult. Everything.
I love food; I love eating.
I love watching movies.
I love watching TV.
I love sitting on my a** all day on the internet.
I love having no life.
I'm single, and I'm gay.

I like p***y.


I'm 18 years old.
I live on my own in the city. I just moved here.
I'm very opinionated, but I won't really express them too often.

I'm very judgemental.
I'm pretty outgoing. I'll talk to you. Most of the time.
I'm usually in Towns, or the Forums, or eating.
Don't judge.
Gaia is addicting.

I come off as shy in person, but when I'm meeting people on the internet, or over the phone, or via text; I'm different.

I'm extremely awkward but I'm pretty fun to talk to. I've been told I have a pretty great personality.

I may be judgmental, but only to people I don't know.
If that makes sense.
I'm not quick to judge people I care about. You can trust me. Tell me anything and I won't judge.
You can pretty much talk to me about anything.
I won't find you weird.
I won't think you're a creep.
I won't think of you differently at all.
You don't have to be embarrassed around me at all.
I'm very accepting.
I'm someone you can always talk to, no matter what.
I'll always be a friend.

Music is my life.
Every type of music; I enjoy it all. I listen to it 24/7, literally.

Let's be friends?