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Hey everyone, I'm My Beautiful Wickedess,or MBW or whatever.

i don't feel like writing out the whole 'about me' deal so here are some fun facts:
-i like art (drawing, painting, photography)...make me some?
-I'm not as active on this site as i used to be..if you wish to keep in contact, pm me
-i adore anyone who can make me laugh or create interesting conversation. so talk to me
-i adore people easily
-i like fashion though you'd never know it by the plain way i dress
-belly buttons gross me out..seriously nasty, dawg.
-i like little kids and babies. thinking of becoming a preschool teacher or child psychologist when i grow up
-i can be pretty blunt if i need to be
-dont beat around the bush with me, please, just be open and honest and we'll get along great :]]]
-unlike most kids, my life does not revolve around my cell phone, weekly hair appointments, tanning salons, partying or waking up and finding myself in the bed of someone whom i've never met
-im a wee bit of a nerd. :B
-i live above the influence.
-my only drug is tic tacs, they're so yummy <33


if there's anything else you'd like to know, please submit it in writing in the form of a comment or private message, all will be replied. thank you for your time
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Make me signs? Or Art?
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The Notebook

Just as it says,...a journal of all good things and bad



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Atomic Flowers

Report | 07/25/2011 7:52 pm

Atomic Flowers

How are you?
Atomic Flowers

Report | 07/25/2011 2:42 am

Atomic Flowers

Ello.... ninja

Report | 04/21/2011 7:35 pm


Long time no chats. What's happenin'?

Report | 04/21/2011 7:00 am


Docteur Le Quack

Report | 02/01/2011 2:51 pm

Docteur Le Quack

Of sorts, yes! biggrin That is the plan anyways. Lets hope it works out.
And thank you.

Im sorry! Im trying to come around more often, but life is busy and likes keeping me away from my computer! gonk
Docteur Le Quack

Report | 01/25/2011 10:23 pm

Docteur Le Quack

Actually I recently changes it to Political Science.
But thank you heart You are sweet.
Oh, yeah? You are a senior now? Wait until you get into college.
Masochist With A Headache

Report | 12/25/2010 9:17 pm

Masochist With A Headache

I'm bored. Are you bored?
Docteur Le Quack

Report | 12/02/2010 2:03 am

Docteur Le Quack

Oh man. Just been busy with college and work.
Some psycho hacked my gaia because his girlfriend wanted in my pants.
And, because I hardly have time to get on the site, i really didnt care, you know?
But it was pretty cool to get it back i guess. Too bad he sold all my s**t.
Its whatever though. How you been?
Docteur Le Quack

Report | 11/24/2010 7:58 pm

Docteur Le Quack


Report | 11/14/2010 5:05 pm




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