Don't be afraid to try something new,
an amateur built the Ark;
professionals built the Titanic

Dont fall in love with me.
I'd end up breaking your heart.

I'm emotional.
I cry alot.
Its hard to understand me.
I'm complicated.

I laugh alot.
I talk too much, too loud and entirely too often. .
I don't trust easily because people lie to me

I have a problem with authority
and George W. Bush
I'm a PEACE activist

I'm romantic when it comes down to it.
I'm standoffish.
I love who i have become.
I'm one of those people you love or hate.

you can usually find me in the PYP
cause i'm a PYP Jedi
not the Noobi PYP but the one that has like a bagillion pages.

I've been a Gaia member since pretty much the beginning
i used to be Kalile till someone hacked me
if you wanna talk PM me or leave me a comment

love shaina

I like......
laughing is a big one. mooching food off of unsuspecting people. hockey games are a highlight of my life. kissing random boys. dancing up a storm on a drunk night with the girls. random spur of the moment road trips with Annie. Loving people. having a good time no matter what. taking photos of random stuff. listening to country music at 1 in the morning. writing without capitals or coma's.
art. poetry. photography. sex. the rainbow gathering. love. peace. taos. home. my friends. reading. being warm. flip flops. sweaters. men. road trips. hockey. drawing. piercings. hiking. camping.herbal tea. James Bond!!!. Midwifery. hippie boys. concerts. good music. Make-up. shoes. my digital camera. watching movies. ice cream. perrier water 'lime'. star wars.

I also love Avi Art so if anyone would like to draw me something that would be great also signs are greatly appreciated!!



mostly my poetry if you wanna know more about me go to www.myspace.com/mynameisshaina -by the way someone has been stealing my poetry i've seen it posted all over the web and its really starting to piss me off if you can't write admit it don't stea


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I've been okay. It has been forever, hasn't it? What've you been up to? =)

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Not too bad. Can't complain much. How about you, Shai?

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HOFRIG! 8D That's bloody awesome! <33333333333+lots You make wicked awesome signs! Beaucoup d'amour!

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Of COURSE you're a cool person from the PYP. 8] You made it into my harem, didn't you? =P

New sign? =O *PMs*

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Same here, and when I come online, pretty much no one is online. D=

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Hey pretty lady! How're you?

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squeedily spooch

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o thats cool i go back to college in the fall also well.....i have a gym the second half of the summer which sucks. but it should work out, i hope college goes good for u. its boring as hell for me. theres like nothin to do and all me and my freidns end up doign is hanging around like idiots, all ihave ot look forward to is my band lol