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I Think I Have An Obsession.

<3 Obsession?


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xx My Dense Heart xx

Call me Lin.

I like cookies, ice cream, pie, cheese, carrots, milk, and music.


ninja Thanks for reading this heart

I dislike tomatoes. stressed

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X-The-Black-Reaper-X Report | 02/06/2011 4:10 pm
well in when it come's to's suposed to be Russia start's world war 3 with China and everyone get's involved and it get's hecktic ^_^

alright start or find one AWAY!!
X-The-Black-Reaper-X Report | 02/06/2011 4:07 pm
what took ya so long xd find something for us to post on lol
X-The-Black-Reaper-X Report | 02/06/2011 3:16 pm
Forum's...............Sure biggrin we will obliterate everyone in the Forum' find a Forum and i'll follow along with you xd
X-The-Black-Reaper-X Report | 02/06/2011 3:12 pm
yea...the beach wasn't that much fun...we need something a party or a Rave....with pizza?.... eek We should invent....SUPER TOAST!!! burning_eyes
X-The-Black-Reaper-X Report | 02/06/2011 3:06 pm
oh okay good....cause for a second there you would've died...cause i don't know how to swim..... gonk

*watch's you*....stalker.................. eek
X-The-Black-Reaper-X Report | 02/06/2011 2:54 pm
it's the middle of winter and you wanna play in the water???? and put sun-screen on...while in a bathing suit???????? eek
X-The-Black-Reaper-X Report | 02/06/2011 2:48 pm
you already got to the beach???? how'd you beat me??? secret tunnel's??? stare

*he stayed clear of the water and enjoyed sittin in the blazzing Sun* ahhh good old winter day's at a beach......*hide's in his coat* why is it so cold....
X-The-Black-Reaper-X Report | 02/06/2011 2:43 pm
*flee's behind a tree and watch's you*.......stalker..... *dash's back off to the BEach laughing maniaclly on the way* HAHEHEAHEHHHDUSAH
X-The-Black-Reaper-X Report | 02/06/2011 2:37 pm
it's in the space between space's........ eek

*point's left* It's that Way *he dashed off * hehehehe i'll beat ya there xp
X-The-Black-Reaper-X Report | 02/06/2011 2:03 pm
oh but nothing on pizza.......just beach's.....alright a beach it is *get's the umbrella and other random supply's* alrigth let's head off to the Beach xd


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