The Namez Lizette. Im 15 Yearz Old. My Birthday Is On July 25th. I Was Born On The E$$j&&Raised In Santa Clara. I Listen To Rock/Hip Hop/Oldiez And Rap. I Love Doin Crazy s**t With Friends.The 1950's&&1970's Inspire Me. I Have A Twin Named Melissa.Melissa && I Use To Be So Similar, Now We're Opposites. So It Should Be Easier For You To Tell Us Apart. Im Obessed With Nikes/Jordans. Im A REALLY Hyper Person Most Of The Time. I Would Admit That Im A b***h At Times So Dnt f** With Me. You Dnt Want This Mexican On Your a**. Once You Lose My Trust, Your ********. Good Luck Trying To Gain It Back. If You Dnt Like Me, Do Me A Favor And Delete Me. Either You Love To Hate Me Or You Hate To Love Me.
Im Barley On Gaia, So If You Have A Myspace Add Me Heres My URL