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Hey there, the name's Jezerette. Though please call me Music unless I give you permission otherwise.
I am married to my lovely husband as of 3 July 2011

Now, I'm not going to say anything else about me except for this:
As of October 1, I am twenty-six years young.

If you would like to know things about me, just ask. I don't bite; not hard anyways c:

As of July 20, 2012; I have a baby girl. Her name is Cari.

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VivianR0se Report | 10/11/2016 8:47 pm
It's called vanilla buns 3nodding
I've been okay, had a stressful day but it got better later on ^-^
How about yourself?
VivianR0se Report | 10/11/2016 4:37 pm
Awe, thank you very much! You just made my day hehe 3nodding How have you been doing lately sweetheart? heart
VivianR0se Report | 09/21/2016 8:35 pm
Well I've been going to bed early as of late, yesterday was an exception due to a series of unfortunate events (but that's too much for me to type) so I'll just leave it at that. Food wise I do eat, just not breakfast because I'm not hungry for it. Although I haven't been eating enough portions for lunch or supper, it's not consistent so I'm not starving myself sometimes I just lose my appetite and my stomach complains because it thinks it's hungry when it's not. So, I think I'm fine in that sense. I'll tell you that part in a private message.
VivianR0se Report | 09/20/2016 3:17 pm
Yeah, it didn't make sense because my avatar is a cat (neko) and fantasy had a better ring to it since I seem to like fantasy a lot more than reality lol Wow, time flies eh? Sometimes the people who are far away from you seem to be a lot closer to you than the ones who are right there in front of you ya know what I mean? I'm alright, been thinking a lot. Having a bit of a tug of war with my heart and brain over something silly but it's nothing to worry about. Starting to feel sick lately, I guess going to bed late is finally taking it's toll on me. Dizziness is usually the problem but wanting to puke is starting to come into the picture too. I've been taking melatonin though, guess 1am is still late for me to sleep but I have been waking up earlier like today for example woke up at 10am. I hope it has nothing to do with the weather because that would suck (I love fall) it's my favorite season.
VivianR0se Report | 09/20/2016 2:04 pm
I noticed that you changed your username surprised BUT, how have you been otherwise? It's been awhile since we last talked and I gotta say that I have missed you quite a bit 3nodding I hope you're doing well, don't be a stranger okay? wink
x7dreamer Report | 01/21/2016 10:45 am
Awe thanks!!
iiCuti3 Fox Report | 12/30/2015 7:30 pm
Thanks a bunch biggrin I love your avi as well, it always looks amazing 3nodding heart
KittySongLUVsJONASBoys Report | 12/18/2015 8:06 am
hi, hi.
I'm alright, better than I have been in a long time.
I feel more hopeful for what lies ahead than I have in the past 7 years, too.

I thought I was going to feel stressed about One Direction's break,
but I'm actually super relaxed about it.
I don't know, it's weird.
KittySongLUVsJONASBoys Report | 10/11/2015 6:26 pm
I think I'm fine.
I'm mostly unsure where I stand with it; I think it's, as long as he's truly happy then I'm fine.
I just feel like something is off with the Perrie thing, that's all.

I do. Molly, Marie and Alexander.

Fans *shudder* Did you see the Lilo thing?

I thought it went well, but I haven't heard back from them.
So I guess not.

My birthday was alright. We went to a Praise and Prayer thing at my church and then hung out and played Dutch Blitz.
KittySongLUVsJONASBoys Report | 09/17/2015 6:28 pm
♪♫ that's quite alright xD life happens.

I'd like to think it'll get better, but I honestly don't know.
I think in a sense it will be, because I'll be hearing his voice
and I'll be able to feel like I can lean on him because it'll be a more constant stream.
But I don't know.

Oh I know, the rumour is that he broke up with her over text.
And like, she cried when she sang a lyric "nobody can love you the way I used to"
And I don't know, because they looked so in love.
This was one of the things that confused me to no ends.

I've tried leaning against Louis or Harry, or Liam. Even Niall.
But no, there's something that Zayn has that nobody else does.

Oh they're good. I spent a week and a half taming them inside.
So now they're back outside.
Two girls and one boy (that's laughable because we thought they were all boys)

Yeah, I'm fine... Except for being worried that this might be their last.
Because I know that they promised, but fans are not making it easy to keep that promise.

It was good, most of it that first time was fruity little lady drinks.
The second time (yes again c: ) it was more hard alcohol.
And I don't know if I just don't like it, or if it was the kind of alcohol.

THANK YOU. I'm excited. I hope it goes well.
I really need a job.


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