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Will Strip For Z Weed Report | 03/23/2021 9:35 am
Will Strip For Z Weed
Yesss! I loved the show, except the last season. That season was kinda meh.
joshiraku Report | 03/19/2021 5:33 pm
i love your avi!!
Puke Milk Report | 02/24/2021 12:18 am
Puke Milk
Hi, thank you for the gift! ^^
coweggs Report | 01/11/2021 6:13 pm
coweggs Report | 01/09/2021 7:34 pm
thank u 4 the sleepin jolteon i cried User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Ryume Kazemizu Report | 12/22/2020 9:22 am
Ryume  Kazemizu
You're very welcome! heart
A Fart in the Wind Report | 12/20/2020 8:57 am
A Fart in the Wind
Glad u like it! heart Ur most welcome!
Princess of Infinity Report | 12/20/2020 8:39 am
Princess of Infinity
Thank you! And not a problem!! Glad you enjoyed them heart
Versace Homme Report | 10/29/2020 3:04 pm
Versace Homme
Nice avatar and profile!
OnyxNeo Report | 09/28/2020 5:29 pm
that's a cool avi

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Hi, I'm Nap
I've been on gaia a long time, idk I just keep coming back. Feel free to chat with me if you like though sometimes It takes me awhile to respond (usually I'm around for events).

Likes: ASMR, rabbits, coffee, fidget toys, anime, watching twitch, video games (pc/switch), drawing, nature walks
Dislikes: peas, mosquitoes, loud sounds, long lines, hair-knots, backpain, wet socks, liver, lag

Music I Like: Dance Gavin Dance, Dayseeker, Hands Like Houses, I Prevail, Picturesque, Sunsleep, Too Close To Touch, Wage War, Fleetwood Mac, The Goo Goo Dolls, The Lumineers, The Last Bison

Anime I Like: Natsume's Book of Friends, Mushishi, The Golden Kamuy, Miss Kobayashi's dragon maid, Re;Zero, My Hero Academia, Dr. Stone, Konosuba, DanMachi, Mob Psycho 100

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