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'Allo all you stalkers out there! Point --> [Izzz me!]

My name's Maddie, and I'm 18. I like to write, role play, draw, and play music (5 instruments and counting, guurl!). Also I speak French. So... Y'know. That's cool. Euhh... I've been on gaia here for four years now, so woo! I'm really out of it. Can you tell?

Also, yes. I'm a Donation Fairy. If you amuse me or I randomly happen upon your post someplace, I'll just kind of give you gold or items. How to win? You don't. Be amusing, I guess? It's entirely random, so please don't beg me anymore.

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[u:0372a733e2]Pissed[/u:0372a733e2][/color:0372a733e2] about pairings or how it ends?
Wish your O.C.[/color:0372a733e2][/size:0372a733e2] was with one of the [u:0372a733e2]actual[/size:0372a733e2][/u:0372a733e2] characters?

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