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..ok well I'm mUsIC_-_LoVr142... the '142' means NB (Nickelback) ((14=N 2=B))

-folk metal
-alternative metal
-alternative rock
-3 days grace
-snakes & spiders

-hannah montanna
-rap (besides Eminem, Eminem is awesome)
-jonas brothers
-green day ('cept for a couple songs)
-new york (character lady not place)

uhh.. I like to draw..


Well, they found my diary today.. They were appropriately appaulled at the discovery of the 8 victims, they're now finally putting it all together, Women wrapped in silk with 1 leg missing, 8 legs, 1 body, silk, spider, brilliant! ..We've been in this cell for 28 years Steven, we couldn't have done all those horrible things.. yes, I know, I know what you always say.. You trap, You kill, You eat.. That's what a good spider does.. You trap, You kill, You eat.. You trap.... You kill.... You eat....

Leaving Lepidopataray, Please don't touch the displays little boy..*laughs* oh cute.. and in the next aisle, we have arachnid the spider, our finest collection.. this friendly little devil is the heptofilidie, unfortunately harmless.. next to him, we have the nasty lichosa reptoria, his tiny fangs cause creepping alcurations of the skin *laughs*... and here, my prize, the Black Widow, isn't she lovely and so deadly? her kiss is 15 times as poisonous as that of the rattlesnake, you see.. her venom is highly neurotoxic, which is to say, it attacks the central nervous system, causing intense pain, profuse sweating, deifficulty in breathing, loss of consciesness, violent convulsions, and finally, uh.. death. What I think i love the most about her, is her, in-born need to dominate, posess.. in fact, immediately after her consumation of her marriage to the smaller and weaker, male of the specie, she kills and eats him! *laughs* oh-hoh, she is delicious!.. and i hope he was.. such power and dignity, unhampered by sentiment... if i may put forward a slice of personnal philosophy, i feel that man has ruled this world as a stumbling demented child king, long enough! and as his empire crumbles, my precious Black Widow shall rise, as his most fitting sucessor!!

. .Your my sinner, Your my dinner, My little puppet, lets pretend. .

'uhh.. excuse me could you help me open the back door to my van? my uh, hands are full' 'uhh.. no sorry i just broke a nail i can barely hold my keys.. little psycho!' 'hmm... Must be your lucky day...'

I love the dead before they rise, no farewells no goodbyes, I never even knew your now rotting face.. while friends and lovers mourn your, ha, silly grave... i have other uses for you darling...

Here I go again, up and down alone, all my friends went home.. Years ago... all my toys are broken, and so am i inside now, the carnival has closed... years ago... I'm a little boy, No i'm a great big man, no lets be little boys, for a little while longer? maybe an hour? No Steven, you've got to go back now.. Isn't that our mom calling? ....Steven!!... Steven!!.. Steven! come home!...

. . .Some folks, Love, to see red.. Some folks never talk about it. . .

Welcome to my nightmare I think you're gonna like it I think you're gonna feel... you belong A nocturnal vacation Unnecessary sedation You want to feel at home 'cause you belong Welcome to my nightmare Welcome to my breakdown I hope I didn't scare you That's just the way we are when we come down We sweat and laugh and scream here 'cuz life is just a dream here You know inside you feel right at home here