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I ish teh amazing M&M-chan. ^.^
I love making new friends and talking to anyone who is willing to listen. I like to listen to people and give advice when they need it. Usually when I ave money on gaia I end up giving it away for one reason or another. I don't mind donating to people, as long as they don't constantly beg for money.

I like math and Literature. I'm the ultimate band geek. I'm a percussion girl but I love band with a passion. I'm a natural red-head and 16 as of now. And no I do not say "This one time at band camp..." All the time. >.< I hate that phrase with a passion and want to shoot myself when I say it.

I think Science is an evil subject and should go shoot itself. The rest of my family is good at it though. I'm just that big of a loser. Or maybe I got all of the recesive genes. Like the red hair, and the hazel eyes, and the being good at literature.

Oh where are my manners? I forgot to put the most amazing person on this list of things. My super amazing twinsie! Stefums is the best friend this little tiny defenseless munchkin can have! She's like super amazing! And if any of you hurt her...I will hurt you. You understand that?


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Mushy_marshmellow's Wonderful life (not always)

This ismy journal.


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what ever i dont care Report | 08/12/2011 2:54 pm
what ever i dont care
Random Comment! P.S. Love the name!!
Waiting Porcelain Report | 07/18/2010 6:31 am
Waiting Porcelain
I'm very happy for you. :3

That's quite wonderful.
Gideon Spillet Report | 07/18/2009 7:31 pm
Gideon Spillet
Ha ha, yer comments has been raped back! G'day, love
TealMamba Report | 03/25/2009 6:56 pm
Your ava is cute, and so is you little summary!!

Sisi Starlicide Report | 12/26/2008 4:19 pm
Sisi Starlicide
I don't believe in all these random boys coming to your page.


Uchi Sakunai Report | 10/07/2008 6:27 pm
Uchi Sakunai
thats ok i was just worried
Uchi Sakunai Report | 10/07/2008 6:21 pm
Uchi Sakunai
ohh I'm sorry
Uchi Sakunai Report | 10/07/2008 6:14 pm
Uchi Sakunai
*cries* both you and Kira haven't been on forever and I missed you both dearly what's goin on?
Uchi Sakunai Report | 10/07/2008 6:14 pm
Uchi Sakunai
also dies
Uchi Sakunai Report | 10/07/2008 6:09 pm
Uchi Sakunai
ohayo gozaimasu! o genki desu ka? I haven't seen you in forevers! User Image



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