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The cake is a lie, a big, fat, chocolate covered lie!

Welcome to the Recipe Shop, and all things ZOMG.


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The Availability of the Mushmallow and her Cravings

This slot indicates if I am available for roleplaying or not.

Mushmallow is - NOT Seeking an RP Partner!

About my OC's - Not Mary-Sues

Say what you want about them. You may call them Mary-Sue but they are not. They have been planned, and written out. They do not exist just because I have a love for one of the male characters. They have backstory, a purpose in my main storyline, and their own conflicts.

I take pride in writing my OC's, and I take time in developing their personality. Sure, I plan their romances out with the cannon males, but that's only to assure I can carry out their story. No they are NOT incarnations of me, they are elements that I think the original stories lacked.

So please, note the difference between a Mary-Sue, and a well written female OC.


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Registered: 08/24/2003

Gender: Female

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