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Name: Musei (Last name unknown)
Age: Unknown, appears to be in his mid-twenties.
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 189 lbs
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Personality: While having a rather calm demeanor, Musei tries to be as friendly as one can be, saying pleasantries about the people he encounters, while keeping bonds that he forms with those he chooses to keep around him. All in all, he is a warm and gentle person, except for when he grows hungry.
When his stomach growls, the man becomes savage, lashing out at the people around him, wanting their bodies to be used in his next meals. If they are friends, there is a chance that he will calm down, but that does not often happen. He hardly hungers for flesh nowadays, however, but at one point in time he was savage through and through.
Biography: When Musei was a young child, he didn't remember very much of his life. He remembered his parents, his neighborhood, and that where he grew up, people like him were a common thing. Once a month, there would be a "Feeding" to allow everyone to behave with one another normally. This feeding was an elaborate banquet, hosted by the Mayor of the town. All in all, Musei's life was fairly normal. As he grew up over the years, he became wanting to explore the world, much to his parent's disapproval. They said he was still too young, too uncontrollable with his cravings, and while that was true, they both knew that his curiosity would get the better over him in due time. As a result, they held a final banquet for the young man, and wished him goodbye, everyone in the small town.
His final day, his parents told and explained everything about what he was and was he had to do in order to feed and live outside of the village. He was something of a demon, the entire village was. They needed to feed on the flesh of humans in order to survive, so the monthly banquets that were held was to keep everyone living on in their town. They never killed more than what they needed, and those who wanted more were exiled, forced to live on their own and fend for themselves, or executed, dependent on how severe they were. They told him that as time went on, he would have less of an urge to feed, until it could be years before he needed to eat. Nodding to his parents, Musei vowed to return and tell them of the world he had experienced.
That was over a hundred years now.
Musei had given up on returning to his home, feeling as if he was a failure. He had devoured his only friend that he had kept for such a long time, giving in to his primal instincts, and discovering something that his parents likely didn't even know about their own race. Upon realizing what he had did, Musei buried what was left of his only friend, living with the scars his friend had caused upon his body, and vowed to never eat someone again, and to only feed so that his hunger was satisfied.
Weapons: A large pair of scissors, specifically made to cut and shred through flesh and bone, allowing Musei to create a bloody meal for wherever he was during his travels.
Abilities: Consumption- When Musei consumes a person with a specific ability, he will have control of the person's powers to a degree of how much he had fed. If he fully consumes the entire person, he will have absolute control over the powers, understanding them flawlessly and able to use them effortlessly. If he only eats a tiny portion of the target, he will only gain a tiny portion of their powers. He will fully understand what the power is, what he can do with them, and what his limits are, but putting them into practice is entirely different. The power will be weak, the damage will hardly be a dent, and anyone including a toddler with the powers could do more with them than he could. What Musei does not know, however, is that there is a limit as to how many powers he can contain before having to forget others. He can have no more than five powers, before one is randomly forgotten. *Note* Musei cannot consume two people who have the same power to stack them. So, he cannot consume 10% of one person with fire manipulation, and 20% of another person with fire manipulation to receive 30% fire manipulation. Instead, it will replace the lower percentage power with the higher percentage one.
(Power 1/5) Blade Control - 100%
A power he received upon caving and giving into his urges, Musei has the ability to create fields of swords, daggers, axes, or anything with a blade, to use during combat. If an opponent were to touch one of these weapons, the blade would shatter and fragment, in an attempt to harm the false owner that tried to wield one of them. While Musei is in this field, he can take the blades and use them in combat, but upon using five, the entire field will disappear, and he has to wait before re-using the ability.


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Raki Badasu Report | 12/04/2016 12:57 am
Raki Badasu
Lanna Shadows Report | 12/04/2015 5:18 am
Lanna Shadows
Happy birthday Musei~
Lanna Shadows Report | 09/17/2015 6:49 am
Lanna Shadows
Giggles devilishly. Hahaha, I popped your comment cherry <3


"I'll devour you slowly, and piece by piece, if you'd like..."


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