Nickname: Kokoroko

age: 16

D.O.B: Dec 2

Grade: 10

Interests: Umm..... things that interest me......... Magic, card games (yu-gi-oh, and magic the gathering) music, MSN <3, friends...

dislikes/fears: I hate needles and heights *shivers* hmmm, I don't understand/get the whole idea of cutting ones self.... <.<;;

Personality: I get along with most everyone... I don't result to fighting... and I care way to much for everyone... <.<;; even ask my friends...

Music: My personal favorite of music would be up beat/happy music... like the song "Butterfly" the upswing remix is one of my favorites...

Food: My favorite type of food.... ramen 3nodding

Skillz: I play Guitar Hero on expert, I also play Dance Dance Revolution (if I can ever find my dang game.. gonk ) at a standard level <3 I can also learn the lyrics to songs after.... the first 3-7 times... *shivers* kinda creepy... I can also wiggle my ears, and eyes.. pointless talents yes; but there quite entertaining.

Gender: This is an obvious.... Male rofl

Things I can't do: I can't draw worth beans... I have spent the past years upon my life trying to figure out why, then I just came up with the solution that I don't know why... so I draw stick figures, and I'm pretty darn good at it. I've also learned that playing Guitar Hero doesn't really give you natural skills for the real guitar *rolls eyes pointing at my real guitar*

Games: I am going to admit it.. I am a game addict, more so on gaia then ANYTHING I've found... I'm quite sure if I had a working guitar hero game, or found my DDR I'd be busy for longer than I would like to...

Language: I can speak Engrish heart and I'm at the moment taking a Japanese class in my high school <3 and know quite a few words... like "Murusaki no Hikidashi" means "purple file cabinet"


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The book of Darkness

Soon to have Chapter three up.. whenever I get around to writing it.. *laughs* could be this thrusday - sunday.... (Unless I'm caught up in friends over MSN)



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new profile, check it out! http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/14628000/
Admiral stacey

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Admiral stacey

Wendy DarIing

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Wendy DarIing

Why is you naked?

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Wendy DarIing

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Wendy DarIing

Well since I read about you Murusaki, I'll give you the same info about me! ^.^ Hope you dont mind! User Image

Nickname: Poptart (don't ask) and/or Pooky (don't ask)

age: 18

D.O.B: Apr. 24

Grade: 12

Interests: drawing, dancing, reading, writing, eating, video games....boys....uh....shopping....

dislikes/fears: Spiders!!! >< And needles!!!! Oddly enough I want a tattoo >.>;;;; figure that one out

Personality: Outgoing, friendly....talkative....i guess thats it

Music: Anything really. I listen to a lot of alternative now.

Food: ...next question! (i have too many ^.^;;User Image

Skillz: drawing...dancing...talking....wiggle my ears??? murusaki thought it was a skill lol

Gender: Last i checked....female

Things I can't do: get past medium on guitar hero...beat raining blood on easy...ask a guy out (i get nervous ><;;User Image...share my bed (imma bed hog XD )....go on a diet/eat better....exercise alone

Games: Guitar Hero 3....Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2....Final Fantasy 7, X, X-2...NES!....mario kart...naruto...

Language: English. I know some french though....just some....

Well there's some info about me!
Friendly Encounters

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Friendly Encounters


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I used to watch Bananas in Pajamas!

I used to love that show!!!!!!

I LOVE YOU, JOEY!!!!!!!!!

And I don't hate or are mad at you.

Sorry about that stupid thing.

Plus, I couldnever hat you ((or your guts))

And I could never be mad at you for longer than. . .

A week!

Well, now that is. . .



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hiz ^_^

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I like your avi

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thanks for buying


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