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Passes the time/space

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One heart.

Two lungs.

Four limbs.

Decidedly female.

Voracious linguaphile.

Purple prose apathy.

Truly Neutral in alignment.

Sucker for higher intellects.

Will most likely die laughing.

If you want to get to know a person, there's not all that much to glean from a few sparse words and prettily placed pixels now, is there?

You know that lovely little box that people try to squeeze everything into, in the hopes of neatly framing their lives like delicate trinkets taken down from the Christmas trees? That little box they try to shove everything into and hope that next year, when it's all pulled back out, that their precious cargo hasn't been crushed or faded over time? That neat little box of false securities...

I'm somewhere far outside of it.

Seems the only way to find out about me is to forget the boxes, eh?

Status: currently suffering from an unreadable word that's over four inch's length in doctor-scribble, with a side of laryngitis and influenza. (aka, mostly dead)

The First of Four

Kinda cute when his ego's inflated


Parting Words

"A body in motion exposed to a huge fear doubles in velocity."