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Bouncing Jellybeans

Oracle of Mist on 07/23/2023
sammiko on 06/24/2023
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Lizlav on 07/20/2022
smileyteaspoon on 07/18/2022
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fushiguro on 06/04/2022
Vocaloid Xin Hua on 05/31/2022
The_Wise_Guy on 05/20/2022
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CAS713L Report | 07/20/2022 8:42 pm
Thank you so much for stopping by my shop!
Please enjoy your purchases and have a great week ~ smile
Brazil1985 Report | 07/20/2022 12:24 pm
Thank you for the avi compliment! heart
smileyteaspoon Report | 07/18/2022 2:44 pm
heart cute avi!
FoolyFunctioning Report | 05/20/2022 12:45 pm
Heyooo, forgot about comments and stuff! I need to get my customization flow back, I prefer simple, easy to read designs for avi, but yours is suuuuper cool. My zodiac is a centaur, but I wish it was with the wolf body, then I'd look sick. ninja I'm trying to gather more friends now, but I'm honored to have you as the first. Seems like you're a Gaia vet, so glad I can follow your example xp
SR_Cross Report | 07/05/2021 9:40 am
thank you for buying User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
teal-dandelion Report | 07/02/2021 1:40 am
gaia_star Thanks for purchasing gaia_star
Nikita Amarie Report | 07/01/2021 12:52 pm
Nikita Amarie
Thank you for your purchase heart
nyoro-rinko Report | 07/01/2021 10:29 am
thanks for the purchase! gaia_duck
Sky Suni Report | 06/29/2021 10:55 pm
Sky Suni
Thank you! heart

I'm so happy I can use it here now that I have my account again! crying Miss drawing avi art.
Umpenscrump Report | 06/29/2021 4:45 pm
Thanks for the nice comment on my journal! I like your profile.


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Height: 5’7”
Weight: 180 lbs
Skin: Warm Honey
Hair: Blue (Azure)
Eyes: Brown (Maple Syrup)
Noticeable Features: Blue canine ears, tail, and 4 legs with paws.
Weapon: Shell Spear with Blue Topaz & Golden Rabbit - Charm (Charm is a compass and spirit guide)
Ability: Roselivene has the ability to take 'human' form, though there are limitations to the frequency of use.


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