About me

  • Name: Ania (Anna, Ann - choose with one you want XD)
  • Age: 15
  • Favourite anime genres: romance, fantasy
  • Favourite manga genres: romance, magical girls, school
  • Favourite food: cheese, chocolate (maybe it will fit here, maybe not XD)
  • Favourite drink: apple juice, strawberry juice (this exists, u know XD), tea
  • Favourite music genres: pop, rock, j-pop
  • Favourite singer: Avril Lavigne, Eva Farna, Mizuki Nana
  • Favourite band: Innerpartsystem, angela
  • Favourite kind of clothes: mini skirt :]
  • Favourite colors: purple
  • Favourite animal: cat
  • Animals I own: fish and cats
  • Languages: Polish (native speaker), English (good/very good?), German (good/very good)
  • How do I look like: tall, slim, long blond hair, grey-green eyes, glasses
  • Favourite sayings:
    Życie jest niesprawiedliwe i okrótne XD by me (english: "Life is unfair and cruel" or just "Live is brutal" wink
    Każdy kij ma dwa końce (word for word "Every stick has two ends", so There are two sides to every story)
    Odpowiadam szczerze, zamiast udawać normalną ze strony z opisami na GG (en: "I answer honestly, instead of pretending to be normal" - something like this...probably XD)

I'm always honest, but I try to say things gentle. At times I'm very sociable, but there are also times, when I'd like to be alone. I'm really cheerful. Everytime I try to make people smile. I'm gentle, easy to hurt, helpful and kind. I'm a good student, even though I hate learnig and I dislike school (yeah, my family's fault =,=) I like drawing and am talented (just what people say XD) That were my good points, so now it's time for the bad ones xD I think the most important would be my clumsiness. Every day I break something or say something that makes people laugh. But that's my charm xP

I once "worked" in a manga translation group MiA Universe, wiith chef is Isa. It was really fun, but now I don't have time for it.

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Currently questing for this TT^TT


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Hi can you help me?? Im questing 1-3 Love Charms...Can you help me get at least two??

Report | 01/11/2010 11:48 am


lmfao yea =D

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lol that mustve taken u a while
i decided to head over to the library later

Report | 01/11/2010 9:19 am


lol i get bored easily at home =o
theres nothing to do!! plus zomg has a major lag T.-
Owned by Daddy

Report | 12/30/2009 11:15 am

Owned by Daddy

sorry to hear
Sexual Sheep

Report | 12/30/2009 9:56 am

Sexual Sheep

you must ^^
Sexual Sheep

Report | 12/30/2009 9:09 am

Sexual Sheep

lovely avi ^^ it must be expensive ^^ but its beautiful ^^

Report | 12/30/2009 9:03 am


Thanks you for buying^^

Report | 12/30/2009 7:20 am


veary nice ;3