I am quitting (this account).
But even so, Higurashi will be the only anime, manga, visual novel, etc. that I have ever really loved. And it will be that way forever. =]

I'm not quitting because I don't like the people I've met here; I seriously love the people I've met here. But it feels as if it won't make any difference, whether I'm here or not. And I don't want to waste my time, or anybody else's. =[

But, if you'd still like to keep in touch, you could add my hotmail/MSN:

You could also add my main Gaia account: mkaarina.

But, make sure you include your name, so that I know who it is, and it's not just a stranger. ^^;

& Gomenasai.

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''You're so cute! I want to take you home with me!''