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The finest Western Art any Straight men can truly Appreciate! Country Gulls!

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Birthday: 01/08/1986


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The Real Me'all

Howdy y'all my name is Meyer Meicklejohn and welcome to my Gaia profile! I really never had a fixin for my profile page before and really never had the time to get on the computer till my sweet cake Stephanie told me I should fix the darn thing up and make those little correction that can be misleading to y'all. I believe that I really should be working on my car or clean around hom! lol Our 4th of July and Christmas decorations are still up but the funny thing is that the christmas decorations sur blend in well with FoJ so most people think were celebriating 4th of July everyday. Oh s**t I got off track and I don't really want to delete what I wrot you know? So I be fixin to leave it so lol I love saying fixin gets the best expressions out of people even dou I have propre eduction i choos to talk this way just makes me smile n'all. I got off track again best be getting to the point if you have not left yet or if you have i don't blame you I talk better when i'm drunk. Well those corrections I be fixin to correct is that th birth day on my profile was for one of thm RP character's most people have. The character I choos was that of "Meyer" who'm had the same darn name which i though was funny? well I though so anyways and there was not much to go by so I gav hm my last name n birtday changin it up a little to Jan/8/1986 which is not far from my real birtday which be Jan/8/1983. So my real age fixin to be 28yrs while my Role Play character was 25yrs and I even get hm a story too out of my own glue in the puzzle pieces. I have come to enjoy Resident evil and thank Maverick and Andy for that...oh I got off again lol Now you might be asking why I'm telling such a thing is cause I'm fixin to us this profile more for myself and my sweet cake. Now if your Maverick my neighbor and your reading this I should have listen to you long ago to change my dat birt back to norm before they made it that you couldn't. YOU WHERE RIGHT GIVE YOUR SELF A PAT ON THE BACK FOR A JOB WELL DONE BOY LOL. Now sweet cakes if your reading i did what you ask as you can read from the jumbo mess I wrot and the profile is fixin to my liking. now for the rest of this about me I'm just gottin exlpain my profile set up. my Resident Evil character information is located rght under The real me section which y'all be reading now. The Finest Amercian Photo Art and Finest Western Art is what I believe to be "Art in Good Taste" now you all won't agre and I get y'all but that my take on it love it or don't I respect y'all respect me too. Doesn't mean I don't like other culture art or look down on it I like that anim stuffin, spanish cartoon porn and I know in fact theres sur are some even mighter finer International Photo Art out there. Just take the image below, it get me fixin in a su wee sluate just looking at all thm national flags of pride n Honor yes sur God bless all nations and cultures with the finer things in life amend.

Yes sur American is still the center hold to the nations but we can see our beloved nation is lacking bum like a southern gull would have compared to the other women. If that was a Southern Gull bum our nation be a brighter sexyer center hold that speaks to the heart and says "Yes American Can be a finer piece of government".

Well back to the other fact I would like to make mention that I will have international Photo section up So y'all can enjoy it to whn visiting my profile and learn to enjoy and understand the beauty of other cultures fixins.
You always should know I like going to the art arena and givin my support to y'all and I keep it professional n'all so no need to fret. You should also respect each other there too and don't be rating down people just cause you don't got a fixin for it or it may of grossd your biscuits out.

This is Meyer Meicklejohn saying have a great 2011 filled with many blessings, Drunken moments, Pleasure n Fun, and memories that y'all will cherish forever! Bang Bang

My Resident Evil Role Play Character

Character Name: Meyer Meicklejohn
Date of Birth: Jan/8/1986
Age: 25

Under Construction


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xSexfurx Report | 09/23/2012 5:31 pm
hey meyer how have u been
MSPF_Inspector_Stephanie Report | 07/02/2012 7:39 pm
Hey there my suga bear, just givin your profile some country love. wink rofl 4laugh
MSPF_ViceCaptain_Danika Report | 01/08/2012 6:52 pm
Happy birthday Meyer! Don't get too drunk lol. 3nodding
07-x_Captain-Mav_x-07 Report | 12/24/2011 7:44 pm
Attention! This is a message from your captain:

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MSPF_ViceCaptain_Andy Report | 11/17/2011 8:41 pm
Yea sorry Meyer, but we have a better understanding of what images are allowed, however as some mods state its on a picture to picture bases. Thank you for removing those images. how was work anyway?
MSPF_ViceCaptain_Andy Report | 11/17/2011 12:44 pm
The images I believe that are in violation are located on the top of the page, in the middle between the rotating handguns your Southern Style, and the picture next to that.
MSPF_ViceCaptain_Andy Report | 11/17/2011 12:39 pm
Hey Meyer, I couldn't reach you on your cell just in case you may have misplaced it, like you do; I'm leaving you a comment here informing you that some situations have occurred among the non-MSPF affiliates and one MSPF member based on ToS violations. I and Stephanie, which I hope she'll get to you before you get to this comment, which you can delete afterwards, have been gathering information on the subject of violations. So I am here to let you know, that I believe there are 2 pictures on your profile, because we don't want you to get banned, as for some reason Elliott was only given one warning and then permanently banned from my understanding. To avoid this happening to any other members, we request that you remove these images that may risk you to be in violation, and if any we have not suggested, we hope you take into your matters to remove them. Have a nice day and give my regards to Stephanie.
07-x_Captain-Mav_x-07 Report | 02/23/2011 7:22 pm
So this is what you were doing last night? No wonder why i slept soundly, lol! =)
MSPF_Officer_Elliott Report | 02/23/2011 12:16 am
Hey man, what's up?
MSPF_Inspector_Stephanie Report | 02/18/2011 11:32 pm
question I dont see no baby here hun, he's my luv muffin and the dearest man I have eva' had.
You a friend of his?
I dont think Ive met ya before. haha.
Im his one and only southern charmer hun. In case ya hit ya head to hard or drunk
either way is coo, smile
Got to love that ALCOHOL!!!!!!!

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