~You may call me Dottee
~Auburn hair
~Brown eyes
~Plays many instruments
~I am very independent
~I do what I want
~I am a jealous person
~Cares more about other people than herself
~Loves all of her friends very much. Except Brooke because she's a b***h.
~Laughs at almost anything
~Easy to get along with
~Probably the best friend you'll ever find

What I like:

~Brooke. <3
~Music <3
~Hanging out with friends
~Literate people

What I don't like:

~Brooke. </3
~Ignorant people
~Being wrong
~Being made fun of

Well, if you want to know anything else just pm me.
So long my new and old friends. Talk to you soon.
Oh and please leave comments. I love reading them.

For all who become my fan I will post you here.

Fan girls = 6
-(~[Polka Dots]~)-
Color Me Nonsense
1234-dance war kitteh X3

Fan boys = 8
Frontier Physiatrist
Cryptic Inquisitor

Fan Boy/Girl = 1
- - Le Hintzke - -

Become a fan! You know you want to!!!!!

OOOOO Donator's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you all! Thank you so much.

Vulgar Corpse ~ 300,000g!!!!! <3333
Mr lost prophet ~ Reve Rouille <333
Lythiris ~ Oculus Magica <33
Color Me Nonsense ~ Oculus Mythica <3
Saint Sergio ~ 30,000g
Gianna The Goddess ~ 25,000g
Julien-K Music Freak ~ 20,000g
Inconspicuous Cactus ~ 10,000g
Jum Jum Donuts ~ 10,000g
-Im_Magicly_Delicious- ~ 10,000g
Yarp ~ Yokai's Treasure
Pretty When I Cry ~ 8,000g
RefasueI ~ 8,000g
akisswonttellthetruth ~ 6,000g and An arrow in my head
[Frozen_Flame] ~ 6,000g
PiU_Player ~ 5,500g and an Enchanted Wooden Trunk
XxXIceFireXxX ~ 5,000g
Ro_Lee_Ugly_Face ~ 5,000g
Whyshouldicareaboutyou ~ 3,000g
Hawaiian_Gurl ~ 2,000g and a gold pocket watch
Manipulative Misleader ~ 2,000g
Addicted Chaos ~ 2,000g
ProtoAlex2006 ~ 1,428g
nudity much ~ 1,000g
Dark_Sinister_Revenge ~ 1,000g
nusshkazn ~ 1,000g
Claez ~ 700g
Confushious ~ 600g
Falisim ~ 412g and a Blue Dragon Tail, 2 Magic Island Orbs, 2 Magic Swamp Orbs, a Magic Forest Orb, 25 Tickets, 77 Water Balloons, and a Pink Daffodil
dkmidnight ~ 500g
Mega Frogger Rape ~ 469g
My turtle goes RAWR ~ 400g
xExistentialisMx ~ 301g
-x-F l u f f e h-x- ~ 300g
Revolutionary_Edward ~ 300g
xXxHarlowxXx ~ 250g
L-i-m-e-l o l i i p o p ~ 250g
jellyfishbabe ~250g
Nana__ ~ 200g
New_Vintage ~ 100g
Alpha Nox ~ 100g
Hawj-Ladii ~ 3,560 Tokens
Taste Of Absinthe ~ 70 Tokens and 207 Tickets
Gr!m R!pper ~ 520 Tokens and 112 Tickets

I love avvi art!
Draw meh b***h!
You know you want to.

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From ~ Nudity Much
ilu bby

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Thank you dont-dink-and-drance!!!

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This is freak'n rad as hell.
Thank you xXCleonXx

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Thank you, Rei!
I love you.

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Thank you, Leapfrog99

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Avast!!!!!!!! Me Flippin Thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!

Here you can peer into my thoughts, and leave comments, you bastards!!!! jk :) <3 <3


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Report | 11/02/2013 5:52 am


Thank you, Much heart
CB Prof Oak

Report | 10/14/2013 4:40 am

CB Prof Oak

Thanks, but I'm probably over hauling this soon

Report | 06/06/2013 9:17 pm


Why thank you! I only just started up on Gaia again, and you have broken my renewed virginity. YOU DIRTY GIRL YOU.
l Want To Be Your Canary

Report | 05/15/2013 7:17 am

l Want To Be Your Canary

Yaayy wanna play one or two right now? 4laugh
l Want To Be Your Canary

Report | 05/15/2013 6:58 am

l Want To Be Your Canary

Add 'Dry Toes Vol 2'
lord charlz

Report | 05/14/2013 6:13 pm

lord charlz

forgive me*

sorry lol i typed in the captcha after 'me' o.o
lord charlz

Report | 05/14/2013 6:11 pm

lord charlz

i mustve been imagining things

forgive meinstntly
lord charlz

Report | 05/14/2013 6:02 pm

lord charlz

u lied to me
lord charlz

Report | 05/14/2013 6:00 pm

lord charlz

are u sleepin lol
lord charlz

Report | 05/14/2013 5:58 pm

lord charlz

hi ashleyz


Skype: los3rlov3
Gimme a call. I get bored a lot.

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