Welcome : )

Hello, And Welcome To My Gaia!
I'm Misa : ), I'm Japanese, I live in Australia, I go to School, I speak 'Engrish vry gd' xD, I hate bad grammar. I love everyone because you all deserves a chance to get to know meh~.
Now to get down and dirty with the information : ).

I'm 16.
I'm in year 11.
I like my Friends.
I love Life.
Not Religious.
Pretty smart I Guess.
I like HTMLing.
I hate Databases.
I LOVE my Music.
I love my iPod.
I love my Computer.
I love my Dodgy Converses.
I love hair Dye.
I love my Family.
I love correct Spelling.
I love Capitalisation and Semi-Colons;;
I love Gaia =.=
I love Clothes.
I love Orange.
I love MY immaturity.
Most of all I love MYSELF : )
Ps. Profile Under Construction!