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Yo, was up, it's Ms Poppin Sweet!~ XD
I've returned to this account because my other account (Poppin Sweet) is living the good life. So why not my original have some fun? I'll be more active on this account now; trying to get a poppin sweet avatar for Ms Poppin Sweet. GWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!~ Peace out, yo!~

Poppin sweet- ???

Recently, a lot of people have been wondering what the heck 'poppin sweet' means, who came up with it, and how did it emerge from the creator's brain? This place answers all three. C:

What does 'poppin sweet' mean?
Poppin Sweet pop*pin*sweet (pOp-en-swEEt) adj. Not a synomon for cool, awesome, sick, or anything else. To be above cool, awesome, sick or anything else. Example: That magical fairy who hits children with banana muffins is poppin sweet!
Who came up with it? Why?
she_speaks_insane and I came up with it for the little catch phrase for our pixel shop. The shop's name is The Sweet POP shop. The catch phrase is: "The shop that's poppin sweet." YOU WILL FIND NO OTHER SHOP THAT IS POPPIN SWEET. UNLESS SAID BY ME.
How did you guys come up with it?
We were thinking of a name for our shop... I said; "How about Candy Pop? Then we can have the Skittles song for our theme song." She_speaks_insane said; "Mmm.... our shop is full of sweets, not candy. And I don't like the thought of having skittles as a theme song. How about The Sweet Pop Shop?" I exclaimed: "HOLY SH** yeah!" "And we can have; 'the shop that's poppin sweet' with it!" She_speaks_insane said. Then we did a high-five, and went to work. C: Beautiful story, isn't it?