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a fist f*ck for thought

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"Horror immobilizes us because it is made of contradictory feelings: fear and seduction, repulsion and attraction. Horror is a fascination... Horror is immobility, the great yawn of empty space, the womb and the hole in the earth, the universal Mother and the great garbage heap... With horror we cannot have recourse to fight or combat; there remains only adoration or Exorcism."

-Oratvio Paz


v v v dude click QUEST THREAD QUEST THREAD dude click v v v

i'm a broken record.

i'm a smoker, i'm a whore for my nicotine. yes i know it's bad for me. shut up.

a blonde redhead, i like to think i'll rock these dreadlocks for a few years then shave it all to sh*t like G.I. Jane. because everyone loves the little punk girls.

coke makes me all crazy.

i have a motor mouth at times & i like to say obscene things. it gives me a little giggle.

i love living (or vacationing) in the ghetto.

i find angry teenage boys who break things extremely attractive.

i'm a geek but you'd never know it.

f*ck me once, shame on you. f*ck me twice, shame on me. i'm telling your mother.


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Invisigoth616 Report | 04/13/2007 9:35 pm
Punk Assed b*tch (in a good way, of course.)
Silvernova Report | 12/11/2006 9:17 pm
[~Femme Fatale~] Report | 12/07/2006 6:22 pm
The picture was taken ahwile ago, but arent they cute! =D Heh I actually have 15 pure bread siberian huskies. Yay dogsledding.
red_sharpie Report | 12/06/2006 5:00 pm
papertabsco Report | 12/05/2006 5:25 pm
Your sig is hot!
Inverted Kiwi Report | 12/05/2006 3:47 pm
Inverted Kiwi Report | 12/05/2006 3:41 pm
For being so ridiculously sexy.

It's like AIDS.

Everybody wants it. =D
Inverted Kiwi Report | 12/05/2006 3:14 pm
I'm so, so sorry. =((((
Z. Stardust Report | 12/05/2006 3:07 pm
You sig is amazing. Just so you know. wink
The Crimson Samurai Report | 12/03/2006 10:05 pm
Roffle. Yup, you vaguely remind me of my ex. You are also about her age.

*first comment*


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goddamn electric