Yeah I'm 16 and am a junior in Texas. I'm in the band play the bass clarinet. I like to. . . . be in plays, pretty much all things fine arts. (even if I'm not good at it) Yeah I can't think of anything more. . . : ) PM me randomly!

I be the girl on the left and my bff be on the right. :]
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The things you never would of guessed.
I have some very odd OCD problems but I'm trying to work them out, kinda. Though in a way they are part of what makes me me.
I have the worst memory known to man almost. I lose my train of thought so easily.
I like being angry mainly because I never am.
I have the weidest taste in music.
I love Monster and Hot Cheetos.
I'm like the universal conscience. I can make anyone feel bad.
No one's ever on anything at 2:30 in the morning.
I love doing things to my hair but most of the time only in the summer.
I'm about as clumsy as it gets.
I'm not so good with conversations I run out of things to say to fast.
I like meeting new people.
I love Cherry Limeade anything!
I hate the feeling of guilt it rips me apart.
I can be mean sometimes but I'm really trying not to be.
I have some words that I use a lot. (ex. a lot, really, definitely, and oh)
I gloat sometimes but I feel so bad about it after.
I lie a lot and about almost anything even small things.
I love talking to people a lot.
I don't really like chocolate, like the candy bars.
My birthday is June 29.
I am really afraid of driving but I like to.
I hate grasshoppers with a passion actually if it can fly at me I kinda hate it.


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Kyo's Thoughts. . . Right??

I really am not sure what I'm going to put in this journal??? but it will rock maybe some poems or lyrics for the band I still have yet to make LoL.



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-Practical Insanity-

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-Practical Insanity-

cool avi ^ ^
Pinprick To My Heart

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Pinprick To My Heart

Nice to meet you, I forgot to add. =]
I'm Emma.
Pinprick To My Heart

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Pinprick To My Heart

Really? Thanks. That was really sweet. I appreciate your input. =]

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Well, THANKS AGAIN! (you dont have to give me gold this time) and have a good day!

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Thanks for the trade! um, but why?

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Thanks for Buying!

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thanx for buyin!

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Thx for the buy! biggrin
Cris Chaos

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Cris Chaos

lmao that would SUCK! : P
Cris Chaos

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Cris Chaos

Lol well, life shouldn't be confusing in the following instances:
1. You gotta go to the bathroom
2. You want to eat
3. When you're driving
and those are just a few lol (: