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UncleBradley Report | 06/15/2009 10:55 pm
You should try both.. While blindfolded..
With a Hitler mustache. 0.o
One of mah best friends is Mexican.. His mom makes the BEST salsa.
As you may imagine, we have a large Afro American population down here..
So I'm quite 'Gangster', if you will.
Your gangster moment was taken with respect, yo.

Hehe. ^^
I think every troll that RPs must be made to talk with a Jamaican accent.. And wear those colourful hats. :3
In a perfect world.. (of Warcraft!)

We went over measurements also.. Our teacher was holding a graduated cylinder of some
Blue solution (think it was methylene blue..)
And she dropped it on her feet.. (she was wearing sandals)
And her toes were died blue for like a month. :B
I know a little German.. I used to have a really good German friend.

Yes, but running raids can get you some nice plunder also.
The feeling after successfully completing a raid is quite jovial, old chap.
And it can get you armor even the Queen would be proud of.
Cheerio! It's tea time!
(British Moment; don't judge me..)

Ah, thanks. :3
Everyone's RP character always seems to have superpowers and stuff.
I try to make flawed characters, but often it comes off as being cliched.
The many blood elves I RPd with were often condescending because I was a troll.. Jerks. D:
Apparently trolls are stupid, smelly, and can't dance. ;-;
(according to one BloodElf)

RE: Minor Comment:
Hehe. Typos keep life fun. ^-^
I luff Hurley.. How could you not love him?!
He's just.. Likable.
I feel connected to him for some reason.
(now I sound like a freak. gonk )
Juliet speaks Latin. ^-^

Wells, I tried.
I fail. gonk

I've tried to see every episode..
But, alas, I have no DVR. D:
Hulu FTW.

I don't want you feeling pressured to play just because I do.
You do what you want to. wink
Is that an RP server? And I'm assuming you're Vennetrix?
And I'll be on by tomorrow..
I had no credit card, and I didn't get a prepaid one..
So I couldn't make mah account.

Oh, and on your little hopeful Bioshock theory:
I found a note in Fontain's headquarter's (in his orphanage/homeless shelter)
That said he killed a man before becoming 'Atlas', .
Maybe this man is the original Atlas..?
Oh, and I finally saw the ending that you get for saving all the Little Sisters..
It was so touching.. Made me feel all happy inside.

UncleBradley Report | 06/15/2009 1:29 am
I took it in 7th grade also. :O
This time, it went an hour behind schedule, and I was stuck in a room with college students.
The best part: I was the only white one in there. xD
It was quite fun; you should try it sometime.

Warlocks do take some practice, but I'm sure you can get it!
I love Shamans.. But I refuse to play them unless I am a troll for unexplainable/RP reasons
I feel so tribal. :3

You're not being judgemental.. In my opinion, you're completely right.
So many of our words come from Latin routes.
The favorite thing about my Biology class this year was that we took the first two weeks learning Latin terms.
I knew alot more than I thought. ^^
MSMS has Latin courses. /dance

I got my warlock to 70.. but he wasn't on an RP realm.
I used to be obsessed with small raid groups where everyone had to work hard to win.
It kinda makes me mad how easy they've made some of the raids.
Oh well, what can I do?

I RP'd as a Troll Shaman.
He had a rare disease, and the only was to stay alive was to channel his energy through nature.
(looking back, how generic..)
What level did you get up to?
My Shaman got to like 28
RPing was so fun. ^^

RE:^2 Minor Message:

I'm a Dharma sh*t also. ^^
I have a Hurley figure..
'Cause he's a BAMF to the maximum power.
He's my favorite. :3
Yeah. I miss Charlie.
..My dad didn't like him for some reason, though. o.0

I really love it. If you ever find yourself bored, go to Hulu and watch it.
If you like Lost, then you'll like it.

OMG.. The Office = Key to Happiness.
Hehe. Kevin thought he was so smart when he said that.
I remember one episode, some lady thought he was retarded. xD

Watch the first part of this episode. ^^
'Tis funny.

Oh, and I bought WoW today, we need to choose which server and all those fun details.
I'm off to bed..
Goodnight! :3
UncleBradley Report | 06/14/2009 12:18 am
-uber glomp-
Thanks for ze gift! :3
If I could afford anything on you wish list I would get you something. sweatdrop
UncleBradley Report | 06/13/2009 4:03 pm
ACT.. It's somewhat like the SAT..
Just more prominent in the Eastern-Central US.
It took like four hours.. And I was bored. gonk
Hopefully It's high enough that I can get into MSMS.
I do like acting though!
-dramatic pose-

Well why don'tcha be one?
(trust me, it'll rock yer socks.)

I need to make some new awards..
You already own like 43 awesome awards..
I'm so unoriginal. sweatdrop

I'm hoping to be able to learn Latin sometime in my life.
Even for a technically dead language, it's still awesome.
(and slightly salty)
I just use translators on the Interwebs for translations. :3

Well, the RPing I was referring to was on some dedicated web site..
Not on WoW.
But I did RP on WoW. 'Twas fun. ^-^

Preggo? As in pregnant?
Prego is an Italian Marinara Sauce.
I'll never look at spaghetti the same way again. 0.o

Their floppy ears shall forever haunt my dreams gonk
I. Don't. Know. Why.

Yes. Random things are my specialty.
Langford, that's it! You're good at names!
Yesh. It's one of my least favorite parts.. Lots of backtracking.
Besides when Ryan blows up the submarine.. That makes me mad everytime! stressed
But I like saving trees! :3
(Hippie Powers Activate!)

Wells, Hope you feel better wink

Re: Minor Comment:
Me too!! (..but you already knew that neutral )
I have a shirt that says Dharma Initiative with the symbol.
It's quite the awesome. ^-^

My favorite show right now is Heroes.
It's completely sucked me in.
I luff it!! x3

While counter-stalking your profile,
I noticed that you liked the Office, which totally made me gasp.
'Cause I f'ing love that show. :3

UncleBradley Report | 06/12/2009 8:15 pm
I'm a mix of Vishnu, Buddha, and Shiva.. So I'm pretty odd looking. neutral
But maybe with your omnipresent^2 powers you could help me on my ACT tomorrow.
I have a feeling this is going to be rough.
And because of the ACT, I will not be on tonight. Sowwy.

Phew. I sold my old account, and was afraid I'd be a newbie to you guys.
I'm not a big fan of PVP either, as a Warlock, I get ganked alot. gonk

/gasp x 10^18217
You win another Awesome Award!
( for basing your name off of Latin. :3 )
Whenever I play a Mage, I name it Divellos, which means to 'untether or undo' in Latin.
And I now know the origin of your name. ^-^
I also usually name my Rogue char Zoloft after the antidepressant.
( used to RP as a smuggler named that ^-^ )
And Xafog.. Well, I have no idea why I'm named that! x3

Night Elves < Blood Elves
Night Elves have floppy ears, which bothers me for some reason.. Bleh.
The only reason I like the NE is because of their dance
(the guys, that is)
I always get lost in UC gonk

I sound somewhat like your mom. 0.o
I can never remember important things..
But I can remember random things..
Like the combination in that forestry room in Bioshock is 9457
Things like that..
But important things.. Like appointments..
I'm not too great at those.

Welpers.. As stated earlier, I won't be on tonight. D:
Sowwy. I'll be on tomorrow though.
UncleBradley Report | 06/12/2009 12:28 pm

Woah. You have the power.
Crazy cool. :0

Well, we need to get organized and choose a server, ect.
I should probably check and see which ones my friends are on..
Or are you going to start from where you left off (on your old char)?
And the big question: PVP or Normal?

Hehe. I pretty much knew you'd pick that one. :3
Hopefully people would know what it meant.
Its EPIC percentage would be rather high.

And yesh. We must be Horde (I'm a BloodElf!!)
I prefer not to be a 2'5 gnome with rainbows shooting out of every orifice.
(which is the Alliance in a nut shell)
And plus, Alliance is filled with profane 10-year-olds.
Bad experiences. 0.o


Ah, you're not weird. ;3
Old fashioned, maybe, but not weird.

I'll be doing something while my mother is droning on,
And she'll ask me what she just said.
And, for some reason, I can repeat everything she just said without thinking.
Then I forget everything and forget to do what she just said.
So it also lets me down alot.
UncleBradley Report | 06/12/2009 12:47 am
..That Last one posted twice.
Gaia Hates Me gonk
UncleBradley Report | 06/12/2009 12:44 am
Hmph. This is the second time this has happened..
I posted a comment, but It did not show up on your wall, so I had to rewrite it.
Gaia hates me gonk

Yeah, I recently found out that like 4 of my friends play.
How I never knew that, I don't know.. neutral

Yesh. We must make an awesome guild.
But first we need a name..
Ironic Cupcakes
Atlas was Right
Megalomaniacal Narwhals

We need more names. You decide. :3

Yay! I'm not redneck!

Well, I've never had a tall girlfriend (or any, for that matter), so I wouldn't know.
It probably wouldn't bother me too much. She could reach things I couldn't! x3
I just look at tall people... like they're tall
I guess I'm weird.
Hehe, true. Normal is defined by numbers..
We're.. exclusive!

My short term memory has helped me on a numerous number of occasions.. blaugh
UncleBradley Report | 06/11/2009 8:38 pm
Sorry it took so long to get back to you.
Hope you got the PM. sweatdrop

Ah, yes. Rogues are definite fun if you're not on the receiving end.
Warlocks are like mages, but cool. x3
(and our mounts are free!)
I decided today that I'm going to start again.
So Wooh!

Hehe. I'm not exactly a fan of them either, even though I'm surrounded by them.
I don't think I have one, I've worked for the past years to get rid of what I did have.
(can't you tell I'm proud of where I'm from?!)
And if I do have one, I sure hope it's barely noticeable..
I hate looking redneck. o.O

And yes, it does seem fun.
Whacking/dismembering someone with primitive foam weaponry has always been on my 'To Do' List. :3

At least if you had a really tall girlfriend, no one would mess with you.
I guess it would be a bit of a difference at 6 inches..
(fact: that's half a foot!)
Hehe.. Sarcasm :B
The world's crazy. We're the normal ones.

Oh, I'm chock full of WoW facts. ^-^
And the bass lines in his songs are great.

Short term memory is the greatest, isn't it?!
I seem to remember weird stuff, but forget everything that's important.
Im stoopid, I guess..

Dormant Insanity Report | 06/09/2009 3:04 pm
but i'm not making that much money....
heck,3 out of the 5 times,i lost ALOT of money....

hrmm....... tektek'd my avi....
worth 565k....



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