Whatchu Know 'Bout Me?

Oh crap, an About Me... Er... I suck at these things.... Good at lists though. I'll do that.

~I swear a lot, which won't exactly work with Gaia policy...
~All the Avis you see to the side are a collection of Mules.
~I draw, and I write.
~Like reading too.
~Pretty uninteresting when you put me down on paper, but I talk long and good about specific things.
~I'm bisexual. And not that fake kind of bisexual either. I have fornicated with females AND males. Both experiences were pretty awesome.
~However impressive my Avi looks, I'm actually poor as dirt.
~I'm a fangirl. Star Trek, Heroes, and a few old Animes that I still hold a flame for.
~I use Txt-Speek or Intarweb-speak in verbal communication only. I never use it on a cellphone or on the computer.

More interesting things later.