hi, my name is bree
i have a 12 and 18 year sisters
i love art and hope one day to start my own clothing line.
i have a devinart just because i love art.
people judge me but don't know me.
i do not expect you to get me, i know i can be complicated, i don’t get along with many people.
i enjoy simple things, simplicity is actually something i adore, and if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve most likely noticed before.
when people ask me what my favorite color is i answer green. because it has different shades of colors and its a warm color, but it remains the “color” that i like the most.
i don’t feel like happy or successful people should be called lucky. there’s no luck in working very hard for everything you have in life.
i don’t like the thought of growing older, i don’t want this body i’m living in to become old and useless, although i’ve always felt more mature for my age.
i could writ so many more random thoughts but i think thats eoungh