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Hey Hey Im britney. Im 17..My brithday is Jan.16(: Im Bi-sexual smile I have brown eyes and brown hair I have 7 pircings and one tattoo(: I Love Smileys(: I am a verry Straight up person i say whats on my mind and dont care.. Iv been told that im a b***h But i dont think so..Im Pretty crazy sometimes but whats life without a little bit of crazy? Anyways.. Music is My life id die without it(:My Best friends are Cory,skyler Nista,levi&&Chris.I love them all the death smile I love sports..Raiders And Lakers ******** you Haters(: I play volleyball(: I dont care what People think of me cuz im me and no One inn this world can change me I Love to Write poems but i hate to read:p..My biggest fear are clowns sad I am not Jugemental i will talk to anyone(: I live my life like theres no 2marrow Cuz you never knoe what will happen So take chances and see what happends.. Iv always Said Mistakes are made but fogive and forget But Never regret.. Then i say Never leave the one you llove for the one you like cuz the one you Like will leave you For the one they love<3 Its so ******** true I knoe alot of People Who did that to other people And it was not So pretty sad Well Thats it for now..Message me(: add me(: comment the pics(: Laterr(: Never say bye Cuz bye means forever!!

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This is Just me(: