Once apon a time there was a little girl, and her plastic shovel. The little girl loved the beach, and the ocean. But she HATED the jellys, So much that she would take her plastic shovel, scoop them up and plop them onto the beach and smash them till they were goo.

Now one day the girl found a very special jelly, it had little dangly strings on it. But the girl didnt care, it was still a jelly after all. So she scooped it up an ploped it onto the shore. She raised her little shovel high, and SMASH SMASH SMASH! All of a sudden, the little girls legs were all itchy and burning. She started to cry, and her mommy came to her. Herr mommy told her that the jelly fish had stingers that must have splattered onto the little girls legg's.

And that day was the day she put her shovel to rest.

Later she watched JAW's an now she doesnt go in the ocean. EVER.


I <3 Stargate



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my journal

This is where i will post my poem's and mabye some time's how i feel


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Bloody Eva

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it was everything i could have hoped for and then some
Porn Packet

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Porn Packet

I remeber youuu~ I always bought art from your store. I believe my name was 'MissMaddieBlue12' At that time.
You were very talented at drawing ^w^
I love looking through old things and finding people that I havent talked to in maybe years.

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My apologies, I never intended to pass it off as my own or anything. I can always make it a link that leads to her page. Or, if she's truly upset by it, I can always remove it. I just wanted it in my sig cause I thought it was cute. ^__^
Rain Juli

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Rain Juli

Aww what a cute profile <3
Tami Dolli

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Tami Dolli

Thankyou heaps for the art!! User Image User Image
Khalas 3ad3

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Khalas 3ad3

I want tha Hammi!


This is never gunna end!

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Hah, your avatar made me lawl in all it's whorish glory. =)

Nice job.

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Heya ^^ Long time no talk! Miss hanging out with ya!


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Sweet Porridge

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