My Story

yum_pie -yesterday was tuesday, but today is tuesday too- yum_pie
well anyway, hey there.
I'm Jessi, nice to meet you. emotion_bigheart
I'm currently seventeen years old and am a senior in high school.
I'm 5'2, I have green eyes, and my hair is dirty blonde with blonde highlights.
I live in New Jersey.
I have a facebook, instagram, and tumblr that I barely post anything on. yum_strawberry
I have a chinchilla named Oreo.
I like to help people, I hope to volunteer in the future.
I'm currently dating someone.
I've been in a choir for three years.
I exercise daily.
I don't care what people think about me.
Bananas are my favorite fruit.
I have an unnatural love of breakfast foods.
I love peanut butter.<<<
I love to cook and bake~ yum_strawberrypie
I'm pretty adventurous.
I like the unplanned things in life.
Not many things scare me.
I can get more violent than most people. yum_cupcake
I have a huge love for supernatural. emotion_kirakira
I've watched the walking dead ever since it first came out.
I want to travel around the world as much as I can.
I enjoy thunderstorms.
My favorite season is winter.
If I could have another animal right now it would be a puffin or duckling.
I've watched anime ever since I was little, sailor moon and card captor sakura were the first I came across.
I seriously hate people who put "I probably don't like you" on their profiles. Like seriously? Does that make you feel adequate or special? you're so ******** cliché
People say I'm a pretty good drawer.
I play animal crossing on 3DS so if you want to play just ask for my friend code~
Since school is starting up again soon I probably won't be on here as much. I really don't want too many distractions this year since it's my last in high school.... I'll try to get on every now and then though. I'll reply when I can if you send a message! emotion_yatta
yum_puddi MISHAAAA yum_puddi
see ya! emotion_yatta