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Fun facts:
-Born in 1991
-5'7 (about 174 cm)
-Otaku and nerds!
-Friendly and respectful to all

PLEASE READ: I want everyone to know that I truly care for my good friends. I can tell whether I'm being lied or when they chose not to reply due to their circumstances, I appreciate people who are honest and not trying to dodge the reply, since I prefer this way instead of being lead around in a circle with no way of knowing what other person is thinking. Remember, I'm not superhuman and I can't read your mind.

PS: I'm a forgiving person and I will forgive anyone who wronged me. Although, there are certain things I cannot forgive, like if someone were to take Life lightly and have no qualm about taking a Life. Again, I'm sure that most won't ever cross the line, but as long as we talk it out, I'm sure it'll work out in the end. ^^


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Birthday: 10/15


Angela Brea
o carri o

A special person!

Art by o carri o