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Item List:
Card Shark Bands
Clown Nose
Dark Halo
Fairy Wings
Joker Collar red-black
Joker Hat red-black
Labu Necklace
Oculus Magica
Radicool Blackout Trim Headband
Red Leather Belt
Red Street Shoes
Romani Glasses
Smoke Glamrock Sleeveless Top
Sno Yeti Pillow Plush(chillin')
Staff of the Angels
Those Black 90s Pants

Estimated Total: 318,585 Gold, 88,500 Tickets
(Estimated with known item values on 05 May 2007)



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Report | 06/08/2007 2:41 am


Cool profile.

Report | 05/11/2007 1:27 am


*glomps*Hiya Cody
Teese Lockheart

Report | 05/02/2007 1:56 pm

Teese Lockheart

Muy buen perfil
Sugar Betch

Report | 03/11/2007 1:19 pm

Sugar Betch

hi i love ur page its really nice i no this may seem rude but would liek to doante im close to getting mi second celestial wrap for mi dream avi and i would appriciate it if u could donate to help her lol its ok if u dont tho i understand P.S. would u like to be friends
Bitterly Sweet

Report | 02/15/2007 10:56 am

Bitterly Sweet

Why are you Nakie hunny?
bella dea

Report | 02/11/2007 6:56 pm

bella dea

i love your profile.. whee

Report | 02/09/2007 4:01 pm


random comment

Report | 02/08/2007 11:57 am


awesome avi!<3
`Hitsugaya Toushiro

Report | 02/03/2007 12:35 am

`Hitsugaya Toushiro

Congrats on winning the CN Scarf :/
Sabaku no Reika

Report | 02/01/2007 4:44 am

Sabaku no Reika

Wow. I heart your profile. So cool! Sry that you were hacked. I hate it when people get hacked;expscilay when it was 1 of my fellow friends sad . I hope this donation can help out a little.


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