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The facts about me. All I type here is true. Though age is changed to reduce the anxiety of talking to or sharing your problems and questions with a person not "your age". Name is changed cause I only just don't feel like being public with it. razz

Also, just because I am/can be pervy/enjoy talking of pervy things by no means does NOT make me a a*****e. I am genuinely a nice guy. If you do not like a pervy guy to talk to don't even bother to reply to me.

Name: MrNiceGuyQA

Age: Yeah I've got one. IDC about age though when talking to folks, and if you do, we'll likely not get along so please tell me upfront if it's an issue. Thanks!


Sexual Orientation: Bi-Curious

Interests: Gaming, shooting pool, sleep, computers, reading, writing,sex and sexual topics, animals (though not in a sexual way pervert!), chatting with people, life

Why did I do this?

Cause I like to help people out if I can with my blunt honesty!

What am I looking for?

To meet new people and talk and have a good time. Anything people share with me stays with me. Its easier that way. Also I've returned to semi-regular use of Gaia after a long hiatus.

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Cryacornion Report | 02/22/2017 2:27 pm
Doing well myself, thanks for asking. So, I saw your fourm post.. feel free to send me a pm whenever if you would like :3
Cryacornion Report | 02/22/2017 12:58 pm
Hey! How've you been?
hiskatey93 Report | 12/27/2010 1:08 pm
I thought you would say that... Oh and welcome to my profile... you hath been added!
hiskatey93 Report | 12/27/2010 12:59 pm
so what do you think about my second dream avi? which do you like better? vamp or rainbow?
hiskatey93 Report | 12/27/2010 12:11 pm
i have now whoreified your profile... now you're so much cooler. lolz you're welcome!
Bunny Bisous Report | 10/14/2010 6:54 pm
Hey sorry I haven't talked to you in awhile. >.< I lost my phone n I still can't find it. ugh. I hope your well?! What I miss?!

kiss kiss
My Chemical Deathwish Report | 09/30/2010 5:24 pm
You like looking at people's pictures don't you? o.0 Lol Every time I get on, and your in the forums, your always at some picture posting thread. lol Stalkerr! xD You know I love ya O;
My Chemical Deathwish Report | 09/11/2010 6:02 pm
You woke up one morning and saw me in your bed laying next to u what would u do?

1) Go back to sleep
2) Slap me
3) Cuss me out
4) Stop drinking so much. Damn!
5) Just tell me to leave
6) Climb on top of me and cuddle
7) ******** me
8 ) Make me breakfast
9) Ask me my name
10) Call the cops
11) Other (Please specify)
12) kiss me
13) say good morning
pm me your answer
lol please reply. Then send to your other friend

lol xD
My Chemical Deathwish Report | 09/06/2010 3:48 pm
This post was removed because it appeared to be spam / chain mail.
My Chemical Deathwish Report | 09/03/2010 2:41 pm
Okie Mr. Poofy, The 3 minutes I'm offline, your online. O;


Read my Profile before you PM me. K thanks! biggrin

I do love comments and PM's! Feel free to drop either or to me. Also don't be afraid to friend me IF we have talked.

OH OH!!! And I like signs!! Yay signs!! Gimme signs! I'll give ya much loves!


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