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Manage me;
I'm a mess.
Turn a page.
I'm a book,
half unread.
I want to be laughed at;
laughed with,
just because.
I want to feel weightless,
and that should be enough.
- All Time Low.

I truly think that Leighton Meester may be the prettiest girl,
[I've ever wanted to meet.]
So if anyone knows where she lives,
I'll gladly go there.

I text 24/7.
Want to text me, ask for my number.

I am currently on one of those "make a billion tektek avi's" kicks. I do it for fun, but if you'd like for me to make one for you I'll consider it a challenge. Anyway here are a few:

Orange Tech-Angel:
User Image

This one I did for a friend who wanted a pink/purple scheme:
User Image

Black Dragon:
User Image

My Spirit Animal, The Otter:
User Image

User Image
This is me. Fans: 5
X_xEnkeli -Lta Kalmax_X
Labyrinth of Nightmares
Kira the Nightmare
And apparently I am "Property of Maestro."

User Image
THANK YOU SO MUCH XxblueemopandaxX !~
Like this?
Want some like it?
User Image
For art like this, contact Labyrinth of Nightmares. She is a great artist and a very dear friend.

User Image
This art was by a frickin' ridiculous artist. I'll post the link to her shop soon. Her art is amazing.


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Ariesaurus Report | 12/25/2012 2:41 pm
Hi stranger. This is a person you do not know. Feels comforting that someone who you dont know goes onto your profile,looks at cho pics, reads who you are...s**t I lost my train of thought well anyway I was a'strollin' through searches and I stumble across your guild and the description sounded nice but there were no members so I cameth here tosee if you were still active. THEN your user was Mr.Bum Mcjiggly and that cracked me up... For some strange reason. SO since it dun look like you be active, nice username and Happy Christmas. Yes HAPPY. Merry is overused, and when I think of the word Merry I think of that really smelly unfit person across the table from me at a seafood joint and it wasnt very comforting anyway bye
rabid pikaCHEW Report | 12/12/2010 9:33 am
rabid pikaCHEW
Thank you very much for buying!~
I Knead Dough Report | 09/21/2009 2:22 pm
I Knead Dough

That suckss.
I Knead Dough Report | 09/08/2009 2:04 am
I Knead Dough
Punk_B-tch_Heavy_Metal Report | 08/15/2009 5:48 pm
Well you gotta be free and dont care what people think and stuff
Punk_B-tch_Heavy_Metal Report | 08/15/2009 5:40 pm
Lol great to know that my randm/weirdness gets me somewhere xD And gold also biggrin
Punk_B-tch_Heavy_Metal Report | 08/15/2009 5:30 pm
Lol yay ^^
Thanks again so much biggrin
WEll it is true I kinda just typed it I didnt really think about it xD thats usually the way I think Lol xD
Punk_B-tch_Heavy_Metal Report | 08/15/2009 5:25 pm
Heyy, you picked my comment in your bottle thingy xD Lol thanks ^^
What made you pick it?
ll Ped Xing ll Report | 08/13/2009 7:39 pm
ll Ped Xing ll
okie doke night ^^
ll Ped Xing ll Report | 08/13/2009 7:37 pm
ll Ped Xing ll
what does that have anything to do with anything we were talking about??


I am a Literate Roleplayer, and interested in Roleplays.
Got that? Good.

I'm baaaaaaack!~


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