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Meguwu on 12/21/2019


Name: luc ;D
Age: 16
eye color: brown
hair: short, dark brown
race: aboriginal
height: about 6 feet i guess
Nickname: u can call me wut ever u like. preferebly, beyonce ;D jk lol
personality: baby if u keep that up it can b wut ever u want it to be wink
my name is sheela and i like long walks on the beach and ready for the funk! biggrin
haha,im pretty random.

Likes: cats, dog, bears, fish kisses ;D, anime ( but NOT NARUTO) cus hes to cool for meh xD , getting high and drunk, girls with a sense of humor and not just a stick up there a** ( miley cyrus) . i love my ipod xD and hanging out with people.

hate: c**k roaches ( the name and the bug itself freaks me out xD) bitchy white chicks. clowns, and evil kittehz D<


I got my page from


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Meguwu Report | 12/16/2019 12:56 am
dead page also huh
XxPandaxSweetiexX Report | 03/26/2011 3:31 pm
Epic channel just felt like sayin =)
Kirokokii Report | 12/11/2010 12:58 pm
happy early birthday dude
Kitty Sunlight Report | 11/18/2010 7:42 pm
Kitty Sunlight
Addicted To Cheetoz Report | 11/08/2010 1:17 pm
Addicted To Cheetoz
Nu uh, i deserve nothing but the best lmfao Pssh wont happen
anyway Karma hit them bad
the boy got slapped by my cousin...5 year old VS 7 year old
So it made my day mrgreen
*cough* *cough* Mr. Meanass Sheesh ppl now these days..are so mean
Kirokokii Report | 11/06/2010 6:52 pm
Kirokokii she sexy enuf for ur stanky a**? lol
Addicted To Cheetoz Report | 11/03/2010 7:34 pm
Addicted To Cheetoz
WE ARE FAMILY! lol...luc try to be creative
create a carnival
PLZ DO NOT INVITE 5-7 years olds
i swear the god they are mean
i went and this indian 5 year old said he doesnt like my skin color
i got dissed out by their group i felt embarrassed
Addicted To Cheetoz Report | 11/03/2010 7:16 pm
Addicted To Cheetoz
LAME! lol
well i went to a carnival with my cuzinz
and i scared the hell out of a 7 year old boy XD
you got drunk with friends or by ur ownself?
Addicted To Cheetoz Report | 10/31/2010 6:55 am
Addicted To Cheetoz
Happy Halloween(:
Kirokokii Report | 10/30/2010 9:29 pm
hipopotimiticus :]

Dir Ren Grey