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A Bio, eh? Alrighty then...

Hello ladies, gentlemen, and other various creatures of Gaia, my name is Charles, and you should probably be aware that I have a little...erm, 'problem'.

See, I have a bit of a...multi personality disorder. As in, I have a bunch of other people in this head of mine that all want to take control whenever they can to wreck doom and chaos upon the world.

...well, except for Jimmy Jeen Beans, he is actually pretty cool.

Point is, I got this condition, so I may be switching clothes and personalities...a lot...on a daily every five minutes or so... yeah, LET'S GO FIND THE INTERNET COOKIES!!!

(Oh dear god, Bobby Bill Stein is in control now...)

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The Journal of a Semi-Normal-Semi-Insane Man (It's Complicated)

Just a little thing that I may update from time to time. You can check it out if you'd like. Can't promise it'll be the next mega-hit funny thing, but hey, may help you kill a minute or two. Enjoy.

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"Respect all you meet, but fear no one." -A Famous Person From A Famous Place

Want It, Need It, No Money :(


ATTENTION PERSON LOOKING AT THIS PROFILE: Hello there! I am currently looking for a nice, happy guild. RP based or otherwise, anything is fine. If you think I may be a good fit, please leave me a PM, and we can talk more from there, ya?