How many people actually fill this stupid box out anyways ?
Makes oyu wonder the psychosis of most people toward random tasks that have no meaning what so ever yet they do it endlessly because they have nothing better to do.
About me....hmmmnnnnn
I play sports
I like to eat Ice cream.
I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks....well not really but that seemed like the next best thing to say.
Ummmmm I think the world is going too implode up it's own a*****e quite afew years after I die. I'm a tall party animal


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A Place where I write about my day, stuff that pisses me off and generally anything else I wana write about ^^


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Ryo Sho Sen

Report | 02/01/2009 3:34 pm

Ryo Sho Sen

Hey if you ever want to continue our Zoids rp let me know


I can't find any rp's lately xD

So I was just reading through it in my spare time

Report | 01/28/2009 7:41 pm


Holy crap. Remember me? 8D. You probably don't! I'm from F.A.L.L remember? I played the gay guy LOL.
Ryo Sho Sen

Report | 10/20/2008 9:15 pm

Ryo Sho Sen

--spork poke--

Report | 12/13/2007 1:37 pm


A whhaatt?? O___O
Your GD Crush

Report | 12/06/2007 4:02 pm

Your GD Crush

you are really cool!!!! =D
Mademoiselle Happy

Report | 11/05/2007 2:15 pm

Mademoiselle Happy


. _.;
Princess Bubblie

Report | 05/01/2007 8:31 pm

Princess Bubblie

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♥ *not hiatus-ing anymore!!*

[ . . . But you're the apple of my eye anyway ] - - >> User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Report | 11/12/2005 4:59 pm


nice avi!
Cocoa Saved the Day

Report | 11/03/2005 12:31 pm

Cocoa Saved the Day

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Triceratops Dino Zord!

Deeee. heart

Report | 10/13/2005 9:13 am


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I have Best Ice Safari Ever.....
Snorunt, Lapras, Sneasel.
FC: 0860 4658 1972
Always looking for Evees, Dittos, Gabites, Charmeleon, Ivysaur, Dragonair.