I used to have a lot of nonsense written here.
I suppose the major things one would want to know is age, sex, locale, et cetera.

I'm 23 years old emotion_0A0
I am female. emotion_kirakira
And I live in SE Michigan. It's cold here and when it's not cold, it's humid and gross. emotion_drool

Aaaand, that's about it. I'll tinker with my profile eventually. I need to teach myself stuffs :c Until then, I can't be cool. Sorry emotion_donotwant


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Report | 10/27/2014 1:47 am


NUuuuuuuuuuuuuu i was away!!! haha >:3
but ok hehe let the games begin!

Report | 10/26/2014 1:39 am


haha feel rested? XD

Report | 10/25/2014 9:09 pm


lol Nahhhh i wont kill you for a while <3 hows that? :3

Report | 10/25/2014 8:58 pm


OH apparently i have some. i did not even notice sweatdrop

Report | 10/25/2014 8:53 pm


OHHHHHHhh lol i was like posting to heal and healing about 4 times then it was like "posting too fast" then i was dead lol all i kept seeing was you attacking.
I didnt know the stamina potions gave you more goes or am i wrong?

and you are very welcome :3

Report | 10/25/2014 8:48 pm


lol well fought. I just stopped to have lunch T^T haha
and i got a boss fight to deal withT^T
awesome avi
Cullen Disapproves

Report | 10/20/2014 6:39 pm

Cullen Disapproves

I love GoT.
u v u
Athena Midnight

Report | 12/11/2013 9:14 pm

Athena Midnight

Hey, just want to give you a heads up about this:

I recently entered in the Original Avatar arena with the entry called: The Northern Dweller
I'm looking for votes, and I appreciate the comments (whether good or bad) to get an idea of my strengths and weaknesses.

Please spread word out to fellow Gaians, if you wish to forward this message.

Athena Midnight

PS - While you are at the Original Avatar Arena, go find an entry called: "The meaning of Kawaii" - its one of the best avatars I have seen.
Periwinkle Buttercup

Report | 11/23/2013 7:05 pm

Periwinkle Buttercup

Aw, thank you for the lovely comment on my profile! When I get in the mood to work with it it's a lot of fun, if a bit frustrating making sure the images get exactly where they need to go with all the differences between edit and view modes. sweatdrop

Report | 11/19/2013 11:45 am


Hii, thanks for buying from my store. (:


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Still very much in love with Forest Fawns emotion_kirakira