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✧Playing ✧With ✧Dolls! (A Contest)

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Pharaoh Misa Report | 01/20/2021 5:32 am
Pharaoh Misa

          Thank you for all the gifts boobah! <3 Which contest flopped? That last one I remember was the glow up but I'm also not on often. How dare they not participate. emotion_donotwant User Image
Luna Proudfoot Report | 01/02/2021 11:19 am
Luna Proudfoot
HEY THANKS FOR THE GIFTS!!!! HAPPY NEW BEER!!!!!! cheese_whine yum_coldone User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Pharaoh Misa Report | 12/27/2020 7:42 pm
Pharaoh Misa

          Woowwieee! What a trade full of goodies! I was not prepared to sign into Gaia because you know I don't celebrate this time of year so it always throws me off guard when people send me holiday sweetness haha! But, really thank you so much for your kindness my sweet love! User Image emotion_bigheart

Pharaoh Misa Report | 12/17/2020 12:14 pm
Pharaoh Misa

          LOLLLL for real. I'm sorry I'm sooooo lazy. I DID come up with some goooood background for Qamar so thats something and next week when I' m off chrismas and christmas eve i wanna try doing more. i've already made an artist a promise so now i kinda have to lol i was having trouble because i wasnt sure if i was going to add the egyptian=greek-arbaian gods to my pantheon or not. i'm still kidna conflicted but i might jsut create my entire pantheon alone and act like the mortals gave the gods different names and be like thats what happened. SOBS. but yeah laziness be that way. i legit started trying to use twitch but im legit just ORGANIZING my damn invo and not doing what im supposed to be doing LOLUser Image

Visforviolet Report | 11/27/2020 4:35 am
well I keep making partial avatars I like, but can't seem to finish them xp and I'm constantly changing my avi too haha
Visforviolet Report | 11/25/2020 5:53 pm
omg your avatar is crazy cool eek
n n e s s a a Report | 11/15/2020 9:17 pm
n n e s s a a
love your outfitt heart
Pharaoh Misa Report | 11/13/2020 12:11 pm
Pharaoh Misa

          That username is VAGUELY familar. I prolly had JUST met you when you were changing it or something. I like it hto it sounds super pretty in the way i think i'm pronouncing it. EN SAVVVVV VON delll. Yeah, I like that. lol And thats a great idea tbh. i support that forever!User Image

Pharaoh Misa Report | 11/13/2020 11:30 am
Pharaoh Misa

          lol lol lol for real but nah I can't wait to see what you come up with. I love strawberry beetle because its so interested (and its the you ive alweays known loll) but i'm sure its gonna be something realllly noice. i cant wait to see it.User Image

Pharaoh Misa Report | 11/12/2020 3:27 pm
Pharaoh Misa

          If your new username ISN'T Pharaoh Misa V2 I'm going to be soooo disappointed.User Image


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