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Hello peoples!
Welcome to the page aboot me!
I'm Canadian, eh, and we don't say eh as often as u would have anticipated.
I can't think of anything to interesting aboot me right now but.. i'll come up with something!


Cheesey Goodness

I can't think of anything to write so my friend insists on writing FOR me. -blink-

Friend says-
Talisa is a fun-loving girl in her young teens who enjoys being social. In her free time at home she finds herself watching television and sometimes reading and writing (mostly watching t.v. though). She has six pets, all degu's that she loves oh so very much. Healthy and quite active, she pays visits to the gym and spends quite the amount of time participating in outdoor activities.

Talisa has quite the amount of interests. One of her interests are definitely her, and other people's social lives. A participant of PETA meetings, we cannot forgot her love and passion for animals and animal rights.

-End of friend's crummy paragraph and sentence structuring.

Note from friend: I don't usually refer to myself as friend. Forgive me for not indenting. Not working. -stab-