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Some say I'm just that one tall chick, Most say "Hey that's Lyndee. =]"
I stand 5'10 but maybe i just seem a little taller because of my hair.
I gave pain and agony the date of November 10, 93
I despise teen drama though I'm a teenager myself.
Apparently, my eyes change colors. Am I sure? No.
I was born a Gaian the summer of 2004
I used to love anime, and love to draw but now I'm not too sure of it.
I scare the elderly with how i look, tho i don't mean to..
And children apparently "like" to stare at me. hehe
I'm a little scary sometimes, but I'm honestly so harmless it's terrible. =[
I'm really friendly but I'm also really, really shy. I've never truelly understood going about making friends. :/
Lyn's terribly forgetful and has a fear of certain cashiers..
My favorite colors are red and black&white(together). I love cats
I'm very imaginative and I like to think a lot about well mostly everything.=]
During my long moments of taking pictures I like to see what kind of different poses and faces i can come up with.
I'm terribly honest, I never see the point in lying-I'm also very mature for my age.
=] I wont hope that you like me, because I don't need your approval.
I don't do drugs or smoke or drink at all. I don't party, and I'll never care to.
I believe in God, the one and only God Almighty, and I'm proud that Jesus Christ is my savior, thanxz.
Friend requests make me happy =] send me one?
Yeah i like msging ppl, i don't rp much anymore, i kinda suck.
Msg meh, comment meh, add meh


P.S. I'm dreadfully afraid of the dark.
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aww thankies!! <3

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omg ur sooo pretty! <3

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bez caz iz lovez youz
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Kkz, sleep tight ^.^
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Oh damn Dx
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Are joo one?
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I has 23 fangirls and 2 fanboys xD
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Hello this is me =]
I'm Lyn Call meh Edge tho-Mousy's fine too =]
Gaia Age: Ancient 3nodding --