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If something is not worth spending my time to respond to, then I simply don't reply.
It's not being cowardly, it's being an adult. I shouldn't have to engage in a silly namecalling match to squeeze in the last word.

Never waste a breath responding to a brick.

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koyru12 Report | 12/28/2012 2:11 pm
Awesome signature!! Never heard that one before
Latrans Report | 11/06/2012 11:25 am
Not in particular--she's always done lots of sleep-overs and play dates without me at my dad's house, and I built up her 'alone time' gradually. Just the normal dog-stuff.
Latrans Report | 11/06/2012 10:14 am
No, she hasn't. Why do you ask?
Latrans Report | 10/22/2012 4:14 pm
Hello. :] We'll see how long I stick around this time. lol

Captcha: friend of the devil
Trash Mammal Report | 10/07/2012 9:29 am
Trash Mammal
Yeah I got put back into the busy life of rescuing and such xD

After those budgies got their wings back and were put on proper diet, eating fresh greens, etc;. they got a new home. =3
My finches are being used as "Rehab" birds right now for my brother's Mom. She's just had one knee surgery and is having her 2nd one. It's a long story but in order for her to stay motivated i'm letting her keep them there so that she HAS to get up to do something. She has to feed, and water, daily. They're in a big ol' aviary. She's an older lady and has no one around to even visit her so I thought it would be nice to let her borrow them a while =3
Let's see, Rory, my mini rex bunny, just passed away this last week. He had a tumor the size of a softball that was very aggressive//surgery not available for the poor guy, and it was pushing his ribs into his lungs. =( So he had to be put down.
Always had snakes. xD But Beemo had to be re-homed due to aggression. I baby sit my room mate's little brother and have itty bitties around the house sometimes and as i'm sure you know--kids get into anything. So I can't really have any aggressive animals. =/ He was a corn snake i'd rescued from nastyness. When I got him, his cage was full of poop, shed, dog food, a butter knife, mold, and the list goes on. He had shed on him that stank like cigarete smoke. But I got him to a healthy weight, worked a bit with him on his aggression, and then sent him to my brother who works more with aggressive snakes. Hopefully he will find a permanent home eventually but, oh it's awful. =/ The moment that I knew he had to be re-homed was when I was getting in his cage just for routine daily checks, but when I opened the cage this time he actually struck my face and my hand. =/
My room mate wasn't taking care of her king snake and sand boa, so I asked her if she'd just give them to me permanently, and i'd do it myself. =/ So I have those. And then I still have my ball python--who will never leave lol. And then a woman came into the store last year telling me about her son going to college and how she doesn't know anything about snakes but has his corn snake. Every month she'd ask me if I could take it--with a re-homing fee which I understood. Finally I think last month it was, I told her i'd do it. So then I ended up with a 12 year old creamsicle corn snake. I'm not sure on my plans on that right now, if i'll keep it or i'll make sure it's in good shape and re-home. (With reptiles you don't just re-home immediately. They hide things VERY well. You quarantine them, make sure they eat regularly and well, shed properly, and so on)
Uh, i've got a box turtle now. Which a little girl came into the store crying that it was going to bite her and she didn't want it any more. Which, long ago I had plans for a box so I didn't mind taking. I already had supplies. xD I tend to buy supplies thatI don't necessarily need, but might someday. Especially when there's a sale or a nice deal you know? Like cages and such. Because even if I don't use things, I sell things through the store.
I rescued some sugar gliders I think 2 or 3 months ago now. A guy was moving in with his boyfriend and his boyfriend would NOT let him have pets, so he had no idea what to do. He was a regular customer at my store so I knew him pretty well. He had several pairs but I only had room for one pair. So i've got those. They're tons of fun!
I have the ground squirrels we attempted to sell in the store. xD Last may we ordered those along with several prairie dogs all of which sold, and then left these two little girls. summer goes by. and finally I get asked to just take them home and see if I can sell them elsewhere, because we needed the room for things that are selling. Issue here became that with a ground squirrel they bond to you the more you care for them. =/ You become their "Clan" and like with prairie dogs, rehoming becomes hard later on. Anyhow. So those are keepers. Their names are Lola and Cherry C
Latrans Report | 09/13/2012 4:57 pm
The full rules are up on the AKC website, but basically rally is set up as a walk-at-your-own pace course with 10-15 signs, where each sigh/station has an exercise that you complete listed on it. The judge watches silently, and you're judged on the completion of each exercise. Your score is out of 100, with points lost for slow responses, crooked sits, tight leads, and repeated commands. In the event of a score-tie, the faster run wins. Obedience, for novice and beginning novice, there's no equipment in the ring. The judge calls out a heeling pattern with stops, left turns, right turns, about turns, slow pace and fast pace. There's a stand for exam, where the judge runs their hand over the dog, a recall, and a long sit and down in line with the other dogs. It's scored out of 200; you have to get 170 to pass.

Obedience is a lot more structured. The dog should be snappy and precise. Rally is a lot more relaxed. The dog should be upbeat and fun.
Lamb Led Astray Report | 09/04/2012 1:25 pm
Lamb Led Astray
I just gave the blog a quick look through (I'll look through it more thoroughly when I have the time) and you're right! It HAS boosted my mood and it just seems like an awesome blog! Thank you so much for the link! I do accept my body but this will help me out even more! Thank you again! -hugs- >w<
Eisefin Report | 09/01/2012 5:52 am
It’s a cosmetic thing. Dumbo rats, in certain areas, are harder to come by unless specifically bred for. So if a rat of a particular appearance is harder to come by then people will normally pay a little more for it. It’s a quirky recessive gene to work with, just like Manx (tailless) rats.

It can be argued that there are distinct personality and temperament differences between Dumbo and Standard-eared, but I can say for certain that I have not seen much of a difference in the lines that I have bred.
Toxilicks Report | 08/11/2012 5:16 pm
Very cool Avi, dude. biggrin reminds me of a scary version of Little Shop of Horrors
Latrans Report | 08/07/2012 3:42 pm


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Better to live on barley and be your own master than to live on cream at the mercy of kings.



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