About Dis Female Right Here!!!

The Name Is Briaa A.k.A Bree smile ,

ii am 16 Years Young,

ii Attend Harlem High School, smile

ii'm a Sophmore. (Class of 2012)

ii Have The Most Wonderful Friends Ever,

&& My Best Friends Are The Greatest, They Would Be;


&& JoshuaWilliamHoover(:

Their Like Family, smile

ii'm Single smile

ii'm Always Up For a Good Time, ii Love to partii!!

ii Go After what I want,

Nomatter how long it takes,

ii'm a Singer && yes ii'm a beast at it

ii love singing and ii plan to Attend Julliard musical Art School

For College when ii Graduate!

ii Tried Out For America's Got Talent

&& Met Nick Cannon While There.

One of The most Funniest Day Of My Life.

ii Love Music, My Friends,And just anything that make me smile smile

ii Love Taking Pictures, Its what i do.

ii Hate Drama(So Female fall back)

ii'm Not perfect, No one is but ii do my best

to be as close as possible.

ii Love Meeting new People, smile

&& ii Love to text

So do the math ,-,= , Ask For the Digits. :]