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Hello, this is still Nichelle the timetraveler, i simply changed my name.
this is my new rp profile for Doctor who. Enjoy

Human fob watch name: Nichelle M
Looks: see Avatar.
Personality: kind hearted, wild spirit and full of loyalty for those she sees as friends

Height: five four.
Likes: bananas, the Doctor ( any life she adores him)
Dislikes: Dalek. Evil in general.
History: was born to a simple timelord family and grew up alongside the Doctor becoming a school mate of his when she looked into the Skisum. she was mostly a quite child and young woman. she was quite contnt to stay on gallifrey and run a sort of interferance with the other timelords while the Doctor went galavanting off into space and time. she then grew quite angry with her people when they banished the doctor to earth and stripped him of his knowledge to fly the tardis. so she took one and tried to get to earth to restore the knowledge to him. this plan failed as she got stuck in a temporal storm on the way and got spat out just as the time war began, leaveing her no choice but to go home and fight to defend her people.

in the end of the greatest battle, she saw the Doctor's Tardis putting up a timelock and a Dalek war ship going to attack him. she bravely flew at it sending him the last message she would ever say to him.

but her death was not permanet for in a young human girl nammed Nichelle m she is slowly being reborn, for the human, is infact her gentic duplacaite.

A how to care for The Doctor list
1: Don't fall asleep, He gets bored that way. Drink as much red bull or what ever other caffinated drink you can find.
2: do try to listen to him some of the times, unless he tries to put you in the Tardis if there is trouble, then you follow him right out into the trouble.
3: make sure to keep all pears and apples away from him.
4: don't let him say Geronimo thats a terrible catch phrase. or who's your daddy.
5: when he babbles, smile and nod
6:if he is ever sad, he's thinking of someone from his past so do something supremly off the wall to make him look at you like you need a mental hospital.
7: find some excuse to hug and or snog him, there are many, pick one :3
8: Do not hide the Sonic screwdriver from him
9: Don't let him get himself thrown in jail or tick of royalty.
10: keep him away from Radiation. please oh please keep him away from the stuff
11: get him a hair cut. kidding kidding, ok what i really mean is, just be there and hold his hand ok?
12: Don't let old ladies grab his bum...
Poetry time:
Saveing him.

He gose about in time and space.
To save us, the human race.
But what will hapen if we lose him in a battle
Will we survive the comeing threats of aliens that want to use us like cattle?

Well i for one will not stay in place.
I will join him up in space.
I will do what i can.
to save the wonderful...wonderful man.

I will not let him go.
I will firmly stand my ground agains my foe and yell to them, no.

Others times he saves me.
but this time let me save him.

Let the lonely angel be rescued this time around.

more DW Poems!

Doctor Who Poetry
by ~NakoriTheElvenHeart

He never makes a bit of sence.


I never can tell if he is serious or jokeing half the time.

but i

we get into the strangest problems, yet he always fixs them.

but I still

He drives me mad when he wont explain things and in the end i feel lost and confused and ready to take off for home..

But I still love him through it all..that brilliant idiot the Doctor

Oh and Doctor for the record, You're wonderful. Past, present...and future. and Each i will defend till i go.

Note: I am Away at the Job corp. i am sorry to any who leave me a comment and i do not respond to it. I will miss all my friends here and hope everyone is going to have a FANTASTIC time.

Lots of love to my DW buddies!


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Mr11thDoctorWho Report | 01/05/2013 12:23 pm
The Doctor chuckled. "Hey, it isn't all bad..." he said trying to make it seem truthful. "Ah, what am I kidding, normal time and normal earth, nothing more boring." he smiled as he pulled away and brushed his fring out of his face.
Mr11thDoctorWho Report | 11/16/2012 3:52 pm
"Ahhh 'Ello old friend! It's been so long since I've written it) How have you been dear?" Said the Doctor with a big grin as he scooped his friend in his arms, caressing her tight.
Lea Angela Report | 07/03/2012 6:49 pm
Lea Angela
Thanks for buying !!! smile
worldwidehater Report | 06/29/2012 8:28 am
I misses you~! crying
WaterTribe430 Report | 05/28/2012 11:53 pm
HIROSHI!! <3 <3
Theifboy999 Report | 05/26/2012 6:36 pm
thanks for buying
Tsukuyomi_No_Mikoto96 Report | 05/24/2012 5:15 pm
No prob. whee
Tsukuyomi_No_Mikoto96 Report | 05/24/2012 4:57 pm
Sure do. In my case I don't think I'll ever make my avi as a guy. My friends said I'm a charmer. Wouldn't want to be the best romeo of the decade. wink
WaterTribe430 Report | 05/24/2012 2:56 pm
Now it changed...but it still looks AMAZING!
Mosdras Report | 05/24/2012 2:41 pm
Aurik: * smiles and hugs Back.* thanks.

Nexyt up is another rp character called Hiroshi


heart heart Everything about him is wonderful there is no one like him and i love every minute i am with the Doctor heart heart
Rule one of all Female ( mostly blond) Companions: We get insanly overprotective of the Doctor, Savvy?


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I see the sadness in his eyes, i want to heal it and make him forget...but how can one forget such painful scars?

What do you do....when you hear a Tardis engine roar out side your door?


Hello there the Doctor here, well the Doctor that sprung out of Nichelle's Mind that is...

Technically speaking I am her Doctor...