About me...

Privet! My name is Mortimer, but you may call me Morty. I am a young and eccentric steampunking genderfluid, mortuary enthousiest and artist. I am a Canadian citizen with a Russian/Doukhobor background, and I hail from beautiful British Columbia.

I am going to be going to school for funeral directing and embalming, and have a thing for autopsy and post-mortem photography, I fore-warn you.
I also love art and music, victoriana, the macabre, good comedy, collar bones, teeth, owls, classy clothing, tea, sepia photos, art, sci-fi, bodies in general, piercings/tattoos and theatre.
I love a lot of things. I watch too much Doctor who and Murdoch Mysteries.

I am demi-sexual/gray-a.

You can find me on steampunk canada here.
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You can toggle and oggle my terrible fanfiction here.