Ahh, welcome, I see you stumbled upon my little page! Welcome, welcome please come in <3

Well hello there, my name is Morning Maple, I was formally known as Winter_Rouge2 so maybe you might remember me? (:

It's not nice to have such a nice profile without talking about some of your friends right? Well, I have amazing friends in real life and in Gaia! I could never live my life without my friends. They mean the world to me! I'd just like to dedicated this little blurb to Personal Monstrosity! She's an amazing person that I met on Gaia and is actually my Gaia Twin <3

Hmm, over all I'd say I'm a pretty shy girl. I'm pretty nice and won't bite, so no need to worry! I like making new friends but I hate random friend requests. I'll only accept/add you if I talked to you a couple times. However, feel free to start a conversation with me! Maybe we can become buddies~

You'd like to know some likes yes? Of course you would!
Well, some basic things;;
Favorite Color: Shades of Blue
Favorite Animal: Wolves
Some of my current obessesions...oh yes! I love those cute adorable pillows!
Another obessesion? Of course! I love balloons <3

After likes there's always the dislikes...
I hate spiders, well actually I pretty much hate all bugs I always dislike people talking in chat speak. I'm usually always talking in perfect English and deep down when I see people talk in chat I get a tad annoyed...

So, you might wonder some of my nicknames or something along that sort? Well, to PM I'm known as her twinny! To some at G.I.F.T. I'm the one who makes pancakes and syrup~ To Keonia I'm her mommy <3 Maybe I'll be known as something else to you? (:

What else to talk about...oh! Can't forget about music! In American music my taste varies widely. Some days I like some and others I like something else! I guess it just depends on my mood~

One more thing to add! I do not like giving out personal information or saying where I'll be going or have gone too. So don't be offended if I give you a vague answer/ignore your question/or anything else~

Oh yes! Another dedication blurb to Personal Monstroisty! She found/recommended this layout for me and I have to say...I LOVE it <3

I just have to add this for Helios. The way you spoil me and PM! Many thanks to your help though! <3 You're a great friend (:

Anything else to add? Definitely! Well, I'm a pretty emotional girl. I can cry over the smallest of things that bring back memories. However, for some reason I don't cry at the end of school days. I can be a little strange sometimes, but only in real life, so don't worry! (:

Okie so I really have nothing else to say, so just try talking to me one day, yes? Thanks for reading! Come back later~