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DISCLAIMER: This page is dedicated for an original character.

Please do not use, print, redistribute or claim any images of my character as your own. However I will not merely chase down anyone with a character the same hairstyle as Rei's. I am more concerned of character designs very close to Rei's appearance, attire, personality and abilites.

Examples that infringe copyright laws:
-using "raw" images/copies of my work (very minimal, no alterations to heavily modified versions of my work) and claiming them as your own
-crediting without asking permission prior
-edited works
-traced drawings
-any characters of mine or other intellectual property used as stock without permission

If someone simply needs a OC profile image, PLEASE NOTIFY ME. I do not allow any of my work to be used in a role play setting no matter what.

However for those who are interested in using my work, I can negotiate character profile commissions as low as 900-1000 gold depending on the size, medium and choices between B&W or color. So instead of using my work, please ask me to create characters for you because I am very interested in the process or character design. To be honest, I am only an amateur artist but I am willing to try new projects for the sake of needy Gaians who are interested in my work.

Twitter Page
Facebook (most active page)
MySpace (barely updates)
deviantArt (sometimes updates; not lot of drawn work)


Rei's Biography

Name: Rei Kuromiya (黒宮零) - "零" means zero in Japanese. "黒宮" means black palace.
Age: 19-21 (ages throughout story)
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 3
Race: Human
Hair: A simply black color. It's almost shoulder length and a large portion of her bangs covers her right eye.
Eye Color: dark, almost black color. Though her eyes can turn blue or purple through certain methods of combat. (this will be explained later on)
Body Type: slender and slightly fit, long legs
Height: 5' 2"
Orientation: Straight
Availability: "Not interested." (Depends on the guy though.)
Occupation: high school graduate, student

Usual clothing/Appearance: Rei is usually dressed in simple, basic....orthodox outfits. Her common and often favorite ensemble is a simple black blouse with anti-wrinkle fabric, grey skinny jeans that slightly widen at the ankle and durable grey/black leather shoes suitable for both running and walking. Rei is never seen without her rosary necklace, an accessory that helps her calm her powers.

Personality: Enigmatic and withdrawn, Rei treats everyone else around her as lesser beings. Ever since obtaining her powers, she gradually found herself relating less with others due to the complications and new senses caused by her new abilities. As a result of becoming withdrawn and avoiding people, Rei exercises less empathy for others. Despite this flaw it does not prevent her from being moral.

Interests: crows, ravens, occult, Japanese folklore & mythology, black cats, parfait

Dislikes: "weak people", ignorance, people who don't bother to listen to her

Powers: Nensha*, Telekinesis, Clairvoyance with the assistance of tools, casting ghost fire based spells
*can be searched on Wikipedia

Tools of Fighting Trade: ancient god relics and rosary beads

Background: (is yet to finish this part)

A year before she turned seventeen, Rei took a visit to see her relatives in Japan. During her stay she visited the eastern area of Iga to see the statue of En no Ozunu due to her interests in Japanese spirituality and Shinto beliefs. Once she saw the statue, Rei noticed that it was hardly maintained or cleaned because it was left at a far off place from the village she was staying at.

Despite her curiosity for these subjects, she remained skeptical on whether or not En no Ozuna had mystical powers. In order to find out the truth, she cleansed the statue with pure water, polished it, and placed some aromatic flowers to see if she could rouse anything up. Later that night, she proceeded to have strange dreams, mostly of past events she never experienced. To her surprise, those dreams indicated that she had gained powers from cleansing the En no Ozunu statue as a sign of gratitude.

At first, Rei was rather pleased to gain such unique special abilities, but she soon realized that her powers were both a gift and curse. Through experimentation, she was able to figure out what she was capable of doing. Her powers ranged from mild healing, levitation (herself and objects), emitting psychic energy blasts and manipulating the elements (anything but weather). Her most powerful, yet dangerous ability is being able to manipulate any part of an individual's body. For example, with her sheer will, she could cause a heart attack simply by gathering all the lipoproteins (bad cholesterol) all together and block any part of an artery. Though she is not limited to one technique to kill people.

Since her more destructive powers posed a threat, she took preventive measures to make sure she couldn't use her more lethal abilities. In order to do so, she searched for a very powerful magatama necklace located at an ancient, nearly abandoned shrine to restrain those abilities she had. By wearing the beads, the least she could do was break bones or cut skin. Not only does the beads restrain her, its heavenly powers protect her from harm and gives her the default weapon "Divine/Holy Fire" or 天の火. This power is useful for cursed or evil beings ranging from ghosts, awakened corpses, animated objects, demons and anything similar. If needed, she can upgrade her rosary by creating a new one with a different set of beads. Preferably stronger beads, it will help her extend and amplify her power to destroy stronger foes.

Rei, wanting to take extra safety measures with enemies in the future, uses her abilities to seal one bead for each of her eyes. Thus, even if the necklace was removed from her, she would be able to have a bit of the necklace's restraining power still flowing in her. In addition, the beads cause her eyes to emit a strange blue, or sometimes a purple glow depending on her strength level.

She can also have additional powers added to her with the help of various divine items blessed by Amaterasu. All of them are scattered throughout her homeland and are difficult to find. Rei only owns a few of these, about three, and cannot be obtained easily because most of them are stored in museums or homes as historical artifacts.


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