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Hey there, it's your birthday. Get happy!
Happy when you're born, happy when you're young!
Happy when you're old and grey.
Congratulations, here's to you!
Happy birthday from everyone to Dio!

About me? Hmmm wow if you actually read any of this there is a 97% chance that you must be very bored (or you are a creepy stalker), this will not relieve any of your boredom (there are much more interesting people to go after, check out my friends list), but for the heck of it I guess I shall put some stuff up.

Name ~ Um you really don't need to know it. If you want you can call me Mordrana, Mord, or Dawn. I also answer to The Awesome that is Possum, and some other stuff I can't think of right now.

Age ~ You don't need to know my age fart knocker ><;

Availability ~ I am in fact single and not really looking, I figure if I am meant to be with someone then they will come around when they are ready. I don't want to be one of those people miserably looking for someone and making it my soul purpose in life. I am perfectly happy being single.

Sexual orientation ~ Pan-bi something along those lines

Looks ~ That is none of your business <<; But I will throw in that my hair is currently blue, aqua, bleachy-blond, and my lovely blond roots are showing.

A few random facts about me that have nothing to do with anything ~ I am as awesome as a possum and gaia agrees with me, PIRATES ARE BETTER THEN NINJAS pirate my room is a total dump, I love fart machines, I keep getting funny markings on random parts of my body that look like I was bit by a vampire, I love Soul Calibur, It depressing that I did not get to meet Neil Gaiman. crying BUT I did get to meet Mr. Tony Curtis heart His eyes are still so beautiful, it is amazing.

Dislikes ~ Liars, Cheaters, Disloyalty, Beans, Posers, Cleaning, Alcohol, Clones, Closed Minds, Stalkers, Hypocrites, Racists, Sexists, Narcissism, Flakes, Sluts, Drugs, etc.

Favorite Movies ~ Well I don't really have a favorite movie, my favorite changes depending on my mood. Right now I guess my top faves are The Craft, Lost Boys, Repo: The Genetic Opera, and Mirror Mask. I like action, comedy, older horror movies, fantasy, and anything that is really different.

Favorite TV Shows ~ I don't get to watch what I want all that much. I love anime *Gothic, Horror, Fantasy Comedy etc.*, my favorites change from time to time. I love educational stuff, anything with mythology, and deep sea. And of course anything to do with the paranormal heart I also like some of those "reality" shows or what ever on MTV, *Favorites include The Pick-up Artist, America's Next Top Model, Scream Queens, etc. I think they are funny.* I sometimes watch fitness stuff, mostly yoga or belly dance stuff. And I am finishing up Heroes. Masi Oka heart Yatta!

Favorite Books ~ I have a lot of favorites, just depends on my mood. I like comic books, manga, classics, and stuff like that. I definitely lean towards fantasy. Anything that sounds interesting at the time. I just read The Count of Monte Cristo earlier this year, which was amazing and very much addicting. I heart Neil Gaiman mostest like a cupcake from Hostess yo!

Favorite Music/Bands ~ Gothic, 80's, 90's, Techno, Pop, Rock, Metal, German stuff, Japanese stuff, and well most anything...except country...and rap *but I can find a few songs even in those categories that I like.* Depechemode and GACKT= Gods

Hobbies/Interests ~ Belly dancing *My favorite type is Tribal*, Music, Gothic anything, Animals *Cats heart *, Vampires, Piercings, What ever I feel is Fashion at the time *Normally has nothing to do with what actually is in fashion*, Night, Singing, Dressing up, David Blaine, Pocky, Fangs, Clutter, Make-Up, Tattoos, Bells and things that make little annoying sounds that I can carry around discreetly, Swimming, Gaming, Drawing, Looking at pictures, Poetry, Candles, "Strange" Contacts, Boots, Cooking, Fantasy *I can't help it if the world that I *and a select few others imagine is better*, Reading, Cheese*cake*, Glow-in-the-Dark, Art, Theaters, German stuff, Japanese/Asian stuff, Anime, Needles, Games, Amethyst, Water stuff, My family, My friends *Sometimes*, your mom, and yeah more stuff.

Now after reading all of this if you don't have a problem with me feel free to talk to me. If you decide you don't like me after it then shove it and go away I don't need your stupid comments, I did not force you to read any of this.

Special thanks to Temcai for fixing the parts of the html that I couldn't ^^;

Sooner or later I will get back to fixing my little screw-ups.



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Pokes back

Report | 08/10/2012 10:09 am


How youve been Dawn? :3
Alucard Dracul Hellsing

Report | 09/02/2011 2:28 am

Alucard Dracul Hellsing

-ninja mode- ninja

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Knight Garl Vinland

Report | 02/22/2011 1:51 am

Knight Garl Vinland

not much I'd say, I'm not quite active either. haha
how have you been?
Knight Garl Vinland

Report | 02/20/2011 4:17 pm

Knight Garl Vinland

*poke* <3

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Hey you ever going to tell me why you stopped talking to me?

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I'm sorry. But with those lips, your avatar looks more like Meg from Family Guy

Report | 10/03/2010 12:09 pm


Dawn* sorry for the typos D;

Balmung wish he was a girl irl, so he could touch him self all the time <3

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It ok Dawk biggrin i got your FB add and accept it too, why there no pics of you yet? Dx


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